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Where Do Bed Bugs Like to Hide?

No one ever wants to deal with the hassles that come along with a bug infestation, but there may be some bugs already hiding in your home that you don’t know about. Bed bugs especially are expert hiders, and often people won’t know they’re there for extended periods of time. 

What to Look For

Bed bugs themselves are small in size and hard to notice at first glance. To find where bed bugs hide, you will need to know what they look like to keep a keen eye out for these little critters. Bed bugs are often compared to apple seeds in size, meaning bed bugs hide in very small places and crevices. These bugs are usually a reddish-brown color and often swell in size after feeding. 

Signs of Bed BugsBed bug on skin

If you don’t see the bugs themselves, there are a few other things you can look out for as well. If you find small specks of blood on your sheets in the morning, this could indicate you had bed bugs feeding on you during the night. If you also find clustered bites on your skin, this could indicate bed bugs as well. Bed bugs will bite, feed, move a little, then bite and feed some more, leaving multiple bite marks in the same area of the body. 

When Bed Bugs Hide

Since bed bugs feed on blood from animals and humans, they’ll need to stay close to their food source. Bed bugs will adapt their schedule to their hosts’ sleeping schedule, and feed on the host whenever they are sleeping. While these bugs are usually more active at night, bed bugs hide in between feedings, as they will be full for the next few days after sucking blood. Therefore, you might have to look extra hard to find where bed bugs hide the night after you find bite marks. 

Where Bed Bugs Hide

Because of their small, flat size, a bed bug can potentially hide almost anywhere, but there are a few main areas where they are most commonly found. Make sure to thoroughly check each area if you suspect bed bugs in your home. 


Since they are named “bed” bugs, your bed is where they will most likely be to begin with. Make sure to take off your sheets and mattress pad to wash, and then check in the seams and linings of your mattress. Also pay attention to your headboard and bedframe as well, as bed bugs can also be found hiding in wooden joints as well. 

FurnitureBed bug close up on a wall

Similar to checking the seams and linings of your mattress, make sure to check similar spots on your couch, chairs, and other furniture where people in your home frequent as well. Pay special attention to any second-hand furniture that bed bugs may have come into your home on. 


Bed bugs will also hitch rides into your home on clothing. This is especially true for used clothing, so be extra careful bringing clothes home and wash them as soon as possible. If you happen to be in an area infested with bed bugs, they can even attach to the clothes you are wearing and ride their way into your home that way as well. 


Bed bugs are also fond of cardboard, and so are often found laying eggs in cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes are often in contact with many other items, making it very easy for bed bugs to spread further

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