Aprehend Spray: Bed Bug Extermination

Looking for an all-natural way to get rid of bed bugs? Don’t feel like you have a big enough infestation for a heat treatment to be necessary? Allow us to introduce you to Aprehend, a natural product that’s shown plenty of promise for bed bug treatment. 

Aprehend is a natural bed bug killer (a biopesticide, specifically) that uses a fungus called beauveria bassiana to kill bed bugs. This fungus, when it comes into contact with bed bugs, infects them with a fatal illness called white muscadine disease. This disease kills bed bugs within 3-5 days. When they die, the fungus takes over their carcass, which infects other bed bugs that are near the dead one or come into contact with it. Since the fungus, and therefore the disease, is so contagious, it spreads quickly among the bed bugs in your home and does a good job of eliminating them.

Aprehend is best used at the beginning of an infestation, right when you first notice the bed bugs. For example, if you bring a piece of furniture home from a thrift store or off the side of the road and notice when you get home that it has bed bugs on it, Aprehend would be a good tool to utilize. Isolate the item and spray it thoroughly with Aprehend.

Aprehend can be a great tool for smaller infestations! Since it uses a fungus that’s harmless to humans, it’s generally safe for use in your home around pets, elderly people, and those with breathing issues. Unlike chemical sprays, it won’t leave that unpleasant chemical odor behind that can make it hard to breathe.

Contact Bed Bug Barbeque, LLC in Lakewood, Ohio! We specialize in bed bug heat treatment, but we also offer an additional Aprehend service. Give us a call today at (216) 539-8686!

Congratulations on your move! We know that hauling your whole life to a new place can be a hassle. It’s especially stressful when you have to worry about transporting bed bugs on your belongings. That’s why Bed Bug Barbeque offers a service for moving trucks! Bring your moving truck to our Cleveland shop and let us heat treat the vehicle so that you don’t have to worry about bringing bed bugs to your new home! Moving to a new home provides you and your family with a fresh start. Make sure you get started on the right foot without bed bugs! Call us today at (216) 400-5415 to schedule your moving truck service!

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