The Bed Bug BBQ A+ rating comes from near 100% customer satisfaction. Get results now!


Bed Bug BBQ is Cleveland’s ORIGINAL bed bug heat treatment service. We are the best.


Dealing with bed bugs for months? We will have you bed bug free in 24 hours.


Bed Bug BBQ uses 100% non-chemical heat treatment to eradicate bed bugs, guaranteed.

Cleveland Ohio’s Bed Bug Experts!

A+ Consumer Rated Bed Bug Exterminators

Personally guided by Co-Founders Chris Gonda and Laura Steelman, Bed Bug Barbeque is your dependable source of world-class bed bug heat treatment and extermination services. When you work with Bed Bug Barbeque you can expect a high level of professionalism, efficiency, and our award winning GUARANTEED extermination service. We are here to rid your home or property of infestation and help you return to comfortable living. Bed Bug Barbeque is the #1 Bed Bug Extermination company serving Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding areas.

Safe Techniques

Bed Bug BBQ’s proprietary techniques are NO inside emissions and NO chemicals. The Bed Bug BBQ method is safe for asthmatics and others who need special respiratory considerations.

Professional Service

The Bed Bug BBQ team knows having bed bugs is a painful, uncomfortable feeling and we are 100% committed to providing a professional and high quality experience. Why would you settle for less?

Proprietary Heat Treatment Technique

Our techniques allow us to service homes, hotels, apartments, cars, 18 wheelers, and a more without damaging your property. 100% NON-CHEMICAL!

Guaranteed Removal

At Bed Bug BBQ we stand by our commitment to have your property guaranteed to be bed bug free. Would you like to know more about why we can offer this guarantee and how it works? Just ask!



This is an example of our industrial grade Bed Bug BBQ’ing equipment used in our NO chemical bed bug extermination and pest control treatments. We service Cleveland Ohio and the surrounding areas!


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Step 1

Our crews arrive, and place our heaters on the outside of your structure.

Step 2

Add high-velocity air movers to ensure that we safely and evenly distribute heat throughout the structure. This ensures we maintain a safe operating temperature, while getting heat to all the hard to reach places that bed bugs like to hide, such as walls, mattresses, baseboards, etc.

Step 3

Place wireless temperature monitors to make sure we reach the proper temperature for the necessary amount of time to eradicate bed bugs. During that process, we will also manipulate furniture, bedding, and clothing to make sure everything is heated and no stone is left un-turned.

Step 4

As the cooling process begins we return your furniture and mattresses to their original spots. Keep in mind that some items may not be exactly how you left them, but we do our best.

Step 5

Last and most important we will notify you that the team is leaving the premises and your home is bed bug free! While we do have an extremely high success rate if you suspect there is any sign of infestation call us for a free re-inspection!

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We Can Service Most Properties

Residential Property

Bed Bug BBQ is capable of and has treated residential property ranging from below 1000 sq ft up to above 20,000 sq ft. No home too big or too small!

Rental Properties (Landlord)

Bed Bug BBQ offers discounts to landlords and multi-property owners. We are experienced in working with a variety of landlord-tenant situations.

Hotels & Motels

We can service various size or type of hotel, motel, & other hospitality businesses. Ask about our quarterly service discounts!

All Vehicle Interiors

Bed bugs in your Lyft car? Bed bugs in your Uber car? Bed bugs in your 18 wheeler? We have serviced over 500 cars, trucks, and semis.

Assisted Living

Bed Bug BBQ is an experienced and reputable company that will service assisted living facilities to make sure residents & staff are comfortable.

Schools & Daycare

Bed Bug BBQ is an experienced and reputable company that will discretely service day cares, schools, and other child care facilities.

Retail Stores

Bed bugs in retail stores are guaranteed to harm your customers and business. If you have bed bugs in your store call Bed Bug BBQ today!

Senior Living

Bed Bug BBQ is experienced in exterminating bed bugs in senior living without causing adverse reactions among allergen sensitive residents.

Office Buildings

From single story medical office centers to various office buildings Bed Bug BBQ can service almost any size commercial property.

Nursing Homes

Bed Bug BBQ is experienced in exterminating bed bugs in senior living and nursing homes. We literally kill the risk of bed bug transmitted disease.

Drug & Rehab Facilities

Bed Bug BBQ frequently services a variety of drug and rehab facilities offering room by room and whole facility treatment plans.


Industry Experts

Bed Bug BBQ is the authority on bed bug extermination.

Save Money!

Don’t pay for recurring chemical treatment. Bed Bug BBQ will have you bed bug free in ONE service.

100% Bed Bug Free Guarantee

Bed Bug BBQ offers a 60 day bed bug free warranty.

Professional Team

We are courteous and customer satisfaction oriented.

Free Estimates!

Think you found a bed bug? Bed Bug BBQ will give you a FREE and HONEST estimate.


  • Voted #1 Bed Bug Exterminators in Cleveland, OH with 4.5+ stars on Google, Facebook, Thumbtack, and Yelp.

  • Bed Bug BBQ is the only bed bug exterminator in Cleveland, OH with a guarantee to be bed bug free in 24 hours.

  • We only use our advanced heat treatment techniques to exterminate bed bugs and treat your property.

  • Bed Bug BBQ can treat almost ANY property big or small – from cars to RVs to multi million dollar homes and commercial property. If you have bed bugs we can kill them.

  • We are the most professional, efficient, and effective bed bug exterminators in Cleveland, OH. Don’t settle for less!

Thomas M.

Chris graciously offered to come inspect within an hour of me calling which was awesome. Chris inspected my apartment unit thoroughly and shared a lot of helpful information each step of the way. He was very personable and helpful the entire time he was there. I got lucky and it doesn’t appear that I have…

Dave S.

Hands down the best way to rid your home of these pests! Chemicals and home remedies don’t work!! The companies process of heating your home effectively kills all bugs and eggs and the great thing is NO CHEMICALS around you and your family.

Katherine G.

I would not consider anyone else. This group is the best. They are quick to respond and compassionate with your upset. They are realistic about your problem and do guarantee their results. Honesty is so very important in a business relationship. There is no one more honest than Chris and Laura: Bed Bug Barbeque. I…

Shana M.

I was very pleased with this company,and I have referred them to everyone that I know. We need more companies like them, they did a wonderful job in a timely matter, also the communication was great…there are no bugs left in our home. Excellent job guys and keep up the good work.

Leslie C.

I would recommend this company to everyone. Very professional and knowledgeable about what they do. Takes pride in their work. Chris doesn’t mind educating his clients as he inspects the situation. Explains the treatment in detail and avails himself to you for further questions afterwards. Staff is Awesome. Thank you Chris ! We are back…

Ashley U.

My husband and I were extremely impressed with Chris and his team! After finding what we thought might be a bed bug, I called BB BBQ to ask if they would come out and help us identify the bug. When I spoke with Vicky and Karen on the phone, they were both so understanding and…

Sharon M.

I had bed bugs for 2 months. Called Terminex who inspected and said I didn’t. I showed him the bites I had and he suggested I go to a dermatologist. I then called Ohio Bed bug who actually turned my heavy mattress over and he found one bed bug. He sprayed and said it wasn’t…

Diane G.

Chris and the staff at Bed Bug BBQ gave us our home back after a traumatic experience. Chris inspected our home the same day we contacted him and was very thorough. Chris and his staff are very knowledgeable, compassionate and professional. Karl and Dan did a great job treating our home and I would recommend…

Sasha B.

Friendly, professional and discreet with fair prices. Would use them again, but hopefully will never have to! Definitely recommended.

God of Plush

I tried several different methods to get rid of these pests! We had other companies quote us ridiculous prices (per room), like you can only do one room and solve your problem. I called and Chris came out the next day and assessed our situation and scheduled service a few days later, giving us time…

Becky P.

I have been dealing with bed bugs in my new apartment for the last 3 months with no luck at all. Chris, Karen and everyone at Bed Bug BBQ were super responsive and helpful. I rented equipment this weekend to heat treat my place and the directions/equipment were very easy to use. Chris was so…

Valorie R.

I can not thank this company enough!! I have a small toddler and I was freaking out after finding a few in our home. Chris came out the next morning and within 5days we have treated our home. I was super embarrassed and just didn’t feel comfortable with having a company come into my home…

Katherine G.

I would not consider anyone else. This group is the best. They are quick to respond and compassionate with your upset. They are realistic about your problem and do guarantee their results. Honesty is so very important in a business relationship. There is no one more honest than Chris and Laura: Bed Bug Barbeque. I…

Ethel E.

Extremely professional staff, easily answered any questions we had, I like to say it was one and done, any infestation we had was gone after one treatment, was able to workout a payment plan, thank you BBQ! Your fantastic

Amber P.

There is nothing scarier than waking up thinking there are bugs on your bed. Especially when you start seeing bite marks! I called these guys right away and they came out THAT DAY for a FREE inspection. Now, I was seeing things and they reassured me that I did not have any, but they gave…

Claudia B.

Chris and the folks at BBBBQ were prompt, efficient, and attentive in their treatment of bedbugs in my daughter’s apartment. It’s been 4 months since their heat treatment, and we haven’t seen any signs of the vermin since! I highly recommend Bed Bug BBQ. They walked and talked us through what would otherwise have been…

Gail O.

In January 2021 I had to get help for a bed bug issue. I called BBBarbeque and was happy that the owner Chris came to my home the next day and we booked the following Monday for the treatment. Everyone was very professional and they were able to rid my home of bed bugs. Thank…


Bed Bug Extermination Services

Bed Bug Extermination Services

At Bed Bug BBQ, we specialize in eliminating bed bugs through safe and effective heat treatment methods. Our services ensure complete pest removal without harmful chemicals, making your home safe for children and pets. Our highly effective heat treatment penetrates…
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