School & Daycare Bed Bug Extermination

Exterminating bed bugs in schools & daycares should be done by a licensed bed bug eradication professional. Using store bought insecticides will not solve your bed bug problem. Surviving infestations will become worse, spreading throughout your facility to other rooms and areas. We are experienced with discreetly serving schools and daycares so as not to create a panic.

The first step in your bed bug treatment is a complete inspection by Bed Bug BBQ. At the first sighting of a bed bug you should contact Bed Bug BBQ to inspect not only the area you saw the first bed bug but your ENTIRE FACILITY! That includes all areas, rooms, and places where bed bugs commonly hide. If someone has visited your facility with bed bugs  it is highly likely your school or daycare will suffer from an infestation.

For first-rate residential and commercial bed bug extermination services in Cleveland, OH and surrounding areas, trust only BedBug Barbeque, LLC.

Bed bugs are tenacious and difficult to exterminate as they can hide anywhere. They hide in clothes, closets, shoes, electronics, dressers, etc. Therefore, your cooperation is required for us to obtain success. We are here to make sure that the pest is completely eliminated from your facility.

When furniture and belongings are treated with chemical products you have to dispose of these items. The heat used by our team comes from specialized heaters that are equipped with safety devices such as sensors and thermostats to safely heat the target area to an exact temperature. This technique can be used for a single room or an entire facility. Heat treatment is especially effective as it can penetrate carpets, furniture, mattresses, ceilings and walls. The heat reaches areas where pesticide cannot be applied. With heat, we heat your rooms to 120-150 degrees F and the potential for damage to furnishings and fixtures in your facility is practically non-existent. Treatment time varies on size of structure and degree of infestation.

Heat eliminates all stages of the life cycle, so when our treatment is done, the bed bugs are all gone!

School & Daycare Bed Bug Heat Treatment Process

Step 1

Our crews arrive, and place our heater on the outside of your structure.

Step 2

Add high-velocity air movers to ensure that we safely and evenly distribute heat throughout the structure. This ensures we maintain a safe operating temperature, while getting heat to all the hard to reach places that bed bugs like to hide, such as walls, mattresses, baseboards, etc.

Step 3

Place wireless temperature monitors to make sure we reach the proper temperature for the necessary amount of time to eradicate bed bugs. During that process, we will also manipulate furniture, bedding, and clothing to make sure everything is heated and no stone is left un-turned.

Step 4

As the cooling process begins we return your furniture and mattresses to their original spots. Keep in mind that some items may not be exactly how you left them, but we do our best.

Step 5

Last and most important your home is now bed bug free! While we do have an extremely high success rate if you suspect there is any sign of infestation call us for a free re-inspection!

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