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Common Places for Bed Bugs to Infest

Bed bugs are unwanted anywhere, but can infest just about everywhere. Just because you don’t see them scurrying around your floors and walls, doesn’t mean they aren’t hiding somewhere else in your home. A bed bug infestation can be a lot to deal with and handle if left alone for too long, so make sure to check all of these places to find where these bugs are hiding. 

What They Look LikeBed bugs on white background

Bed bugs are quite small, making a bed bug infestation hard to notice until it spreads further throughout your home. Bed bugs can be compared to the same size as an apple seed. They are usually flat, making it very easy for them to squeeze into narrow spaces and hide in places you might never have thought to look. 

Bed bugs are brown or reddish-brown and will swell in size after they feed on blood. Therefore, any bed bug infestation will usually begin around any sleeping areas. Bed bugs cannot fly, however, they can jump very high and move very fast, making it seem like they have the ability to fly. 

Places to Check

Bed bugs will usually enter your home by hitching a ride from another infested area. They can also enter your home from the outside through any available openings as the temperature drops for winter. However your bed bugs enter your home, here are some common places you should check. 


This may sound obvious, since they are called “bed” bugs, but you will really need to investigate all parts of your bedroom to find where the bed bug infestation is residing. Make sure to check the seams and linings of your linens and mattress. Also make sure to check your bed frame, headboard, and any other small, narrow crevices. 

FurnitureBed bug up close on human skin

Similar to your bed and linens, you’ll want to check the seams and linings of your furniture, cushions, throw pillows and such. Be especially careful of any used or secondhand furniture as this is where bed bugs will often hitch rides into your home. 

Used Clothing

Just like used furniture, be cautious bringing used clothes into your home. It’s very easy for bed bugs to attach themselves to any cloth or clothing, and they will wait until brought to a safe location to detach. Make sure to wash any used clothing that you bring into your home. 

Outlets and Sockets

Bed bugs can very easily squeeze between spaces we might not even consider possible, making a bed bug infestation entering from outside very difficult to notice. If your outlets and electrical sockets aren’t secure, there is a possibility that bed bugs may enter through them as the winter approaches. 

Cardboard Boxes

As we mentioned before, bed bugs are expert hitchhikers, and a bed bug infestation can very easily spread through objects like cardboard boxes. Bed bugs especially love to get comfortable in holiday decorations, making it much easier for bed bugs to spread further when you finally bring those decorations down to hang up. 

Bed Bug Behavior

Bed bugs feed on blood from humans and animals, and so a bed bugs will most likely get cozy wherever you or your pets sleep. Bed bugs will even adjust their own sleeping schedule to be the opposite of yours, so that they can feed on you no matter what time you go to bed. Keep an eye out for signs of a bed bug infestation, such as blood specks or feces, on your bed sheets. 

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