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5 Early Signs of Bed Bugs

Catch bed bugs before they all arrive! Here are 5 early signs of bed bugs and how to stop them from coming. Bed bugs can come about for many different reasons, whether it be from dirty sheets or bringing them in on your purse or clothes. It is important to know these signs of possible bed bug infestations to be able to stop them before they become a real problem that is hard to undo. Stop them and make sure they do not come back by watching for these signs and taking the steps to prevent bed bugs from appearing!

Rust or Red Color Stains

See some rust or red-colored stains on your sheets? Those can be some early signs of bed bugs. It is vital to clean your sheets and check your mattress for bed bugs, as soon as you see these color stains on your sheets. If you find some stains on your sheets, some ways to prevent them from happening again can be to clean your sheets more often, or even purchasing a bed bug protection sheet. This sheet can protect your bed from future bed bug infestations. 

Bed Bug BitesA bed bug bite on the back of a persons leg

If you see some red bites on your body, then you might have some bed bugs moving into your bed. It is important to clean your sheets and check your bed right away. Those types of bites can be a distinction that there are bed bugs in your bed, or they are just starting to infest your bed. You need to take action immediately to prevent more bites from occurring, as well as more bed bugs from appearing. Bites on your body are one of the most common signs of bed bugs, so be aware.

Bed Bug Eggs

Found some eggs or eggshells in your bed? That is an early sign of bed bugs. Finding eggs or eggshells can be a sign of bed bugs living in your bed and possible formulation of them. Immediately get your mattress and sheets cleaned to get all the bed bugs and eggs out of your bed. Eggs and eggshells in your bed can suggest that the bed bugs are multiplying, which means you need to take action right away to stop them from growing and taking over your bed. 

Bed Bug OdorsSomeone putting on a clean, white pillow case on their bed

Musty or moldy odors are early signs of bed bugs. If you are smelling some odd scents or odors, that can be a sign of bed bugs. You need to immediately check your bed and home for bed bugs due to the odd scent you might be smelling. It is important to check right away and not put it off, because they can grow fast and multiply quickly. Checking your bed and cleaning it will kill the bed bugs and erase the odor from your room or house. 

Seeing At Least One Bed Bug

One of the most obvious, early signs of bed bugs appearing is if you see one in your bed. Seeing just one will tell you that there are more already there or coming soon. It is important to take action right away and not wait for more to appear. They will multiply quickly, so cleaning your bed and sheets right away will kill the current bed bugs and stop any new ones from arriving. 

Stop It Before It Happens

See any of these signs? Bed Bug BBQ in Cleveland, Ohio is here to exterminate them and make sure they do not come back. These signs will help you to catch the bed bugs before they infest your house and take over.  Visit our website or contact us (216) 400-5374 today to learn more about our services.

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