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Prevent and Act: Ways to Stop Bed Bugs from Infesting Your Home

Bed Bugs. Clever and intelligent insects that only need two things to survive….a warm body and a place to hide.

With such little conditions, how are we supposed to get any relief?

Prevention, Action, and Heat Treatment.

Let’s get down to how we can stop these creatures before they reach your home.

Bed Bug Prevention


A Bed Bugs ideal living space is in a dark and tight location. Clutter and carpet makes the perfect location from these little buggers to live. So be sure to declutter your home, turn over any old lingering items that are lacking attention, and vacuum often so you can spot a bed bug before it decides to make your home a more permanent location by reproducing.

Cover Power Outlets

Bed Bugs are attracted to dark, tight spaces and to think you have one of those spaces right next to your bed every night, power outlets. In order to retreats from other places, like a bed, bed bugs can use power outlets as a temporary hiding place until it is safe to move elsewhere or use them to travel through the walls. Found cheap at a local store, power outlet covers can give you some peace of mind.

Pets v. Bed Bugs

Yes, even Sparky’s bed is just as attractive to a Bed Bug as a human’s bed. Always be sure to inspect their bedding as well because all they need is a dark place to lay eggs. According to the article “Can your dog get bed bugs?” written by Nicole Pajer, while bed bugs do not seek out canine’s blood, if the issue gets extreme enough, they can use dogs as a secondary food source. Often times this only occurs when there is an “overcrowding” issue.

Cover Your Mattress

Although this won’t get rid of an infestation, covering your mattress with a safe cover can prevent the mattress and box spring from getting infested. If you are serious about saving your mattress, be sure you do not skip on quality. There should be no folds, holes, or extra fabric around the zipper that would give a Bed Bug a place to hide.

Inspect Your Furniture Regularly

From the information you have read previously, you would know that Bed Bugs would be located in dark hidden spaces. So when you inspect your furniture, especially antiques, look for just that. Always be sure to check holes, cracks, and in between cushions. It is suggested to inspect your furniture once a month, but if you suspect that one of your visitors may have a home infestation, it is crucial to check immediately following their departure.

Avoid Moving Blankets

It is recommended that moving blankets provided by a moving company be avoided, unless they are cleaned after each use. Used to cover and move furniture from home to home, moving blankets give Bed Bugs a easy way to transport from home to home. Think about it: Suzy from across the street covers her Bed Bug infested antique cabinet with a moving blanket and Charlie uses the same moving blanket to cover his handmade wooden farm table. Too bad Charlie didn’t read this article to know that he should have check those moving blankets for Bed Bugs before bringing them into his new home.

Don’t Trash Pick

Why would your neighbor down the street have a beautiful “what looks like new” couch on the curb? It isn’t because they want you to have it. Don’t trash pick and don’t go rummaging through trash. It only takes a Bed Bug one hop, skip, and a jump to get from that couch to your clothing.


We have all heard by now of the horrors of hotels and motels being infested with Bed Bugs, so be sure to check the mattress when you are staying in a room. Because Bed Bugs love to hide, make sure to use a flashlight to check the seams, folds, and creases of the mattress.


Before you take any drastic action, there are a couple of things you can do before calling in the calvary (AKA Butler the Bed Bug Dog) in to inspect your home.

Know Your Bugs

Often times fleas, ticks, and spiders are often mistaken for Bed Bugs. Take a look at the image below to see the visual differences between these common pests.

Itchy Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bug bites are often mistaken for flea bites. One major way to tell the difference is bites will present itself in a cluster on your skin and often in a track due to the Bed Bug walking and biting across the skin. Look for tiny blood spots on bedding or mattress due to the Bed Bugs being crushed.

Capture Bed Bug

You have identified what you think is a Bed Bug and you have what you believe are Bed Bug bites. It is time to call ☎ (216) 910-5142! Capture one of these tiny pests, place it in a ziploc bag, and put it in the freezer so our professional help can easily identify what pest may have infested your home.

If you think your home is infested with Bed Bugs, Call us for immediate relief NOW ☎ (216) 910-5142. One of our Bed Bug experts will come out immediately for a FREE inspection.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Chemical treatments are only temporary fix. Heat treatments are guaranteed to kill 100% of Bed Bugs from your home. Using the proprietary Heat Treatment Technique services homes, hotels, apartments, cars, and more WITHOUT damaging your property. It is 100% Non-Chemical!!

Do the environment a solid, give your home some relief, and give yourself some peaceful shut eye by getting rid of these nasty pests using Bed Bug BBQ’s heat treatment technique.


You won’t be sorry that you called, but the Bed Bugs sure will.

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