Bed bugs on leather car seat

Bed Bugs in Your Car: What To Do Next

A woman is planning on taking a taxi over to a restaurant for dinner with her two friends. Little did she know, she has a new infestation of bed bugs in her home and they have now gotten on to her clothing. While she is sitting in her taxi, one of those bed bugs from her dress falls onto the seat of the car. This bed bug lays it eggs underneath the seat cushion and lives there for several more weeks.

This taxi continues to pick people up as these eggs hatch every 6-17 days. Now every person, including the driver, that has been in this taxi has a chance of bringing these bed bugs back to their home or spreading them to other locations.

Can I get Bed Bugs from Uber & Lyft?

Not only can bed bugs be found in ride sharing vehicles, but they can also be found in your own car. Whether it is from other guests in your car or being transferred from your home, bed bugs can find a way to your vehicle.  

How to Prevent Bed Bugs In Your Car

If you frequently have different riders in your car or suspect that you have bed bugs at home, it is vital that you inspect your vehicle (or call Bed Bug BBQ for a FREE inspection). Approach your inspection by doing the following:


  1. Remove all clutter and trash
  2. Look for bed bugs under the seats, in the glove compartment, along the seams in your car seats, and on the console
  3. Keep an eye out for dark spots, blood stains, and exoskeletons

What to Do If Bed Bugs Are Found In Your Car

If you do find an infestation in your car, it is likely that it spread to your home as well. You may read that washing your cushions and floorboards can help, but in order to get rid of 100% of your bed bugs the first time around, you can put your car through a bed bug heat treatment..

No, this is not a spa treatment for these pests, although it seriously defines maximum exposure to a sauna. This involves using equipment to heat the inside of your car to above 130 degrees for several hours or more based on the level of infestation. When you pick up your vehicle, you can guarantee that there will not be a single bed bug!

Don’t let other people track bed bugs into your home, get your car inspected regularly. If you are an Uber, Lyft, Taxi Driver, or believe you have bed bugs in your vehicle in the Cleveland or Lakewood, OH area, call Bed Bug BBQ at (216) 232-2760 to schedule a FREE inspection.

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