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The Ultimate Party Crasher

During this time of year there are various reasons for people to get together, have parties, and tailgate. With school starting up, football games, and holidays such as Labor Day, everyone is trying to make summer last longer. However, there is one guest that is ready to crash your party that could possibly ruin all your end of summer parties that you did not anticipate for, bed bugs. It is important to know the signs of bed bugs so you can be fully prepared for this season. 

What Is a Bed Bug?

In order to prevent bed bug infestations, it is important to first fully understand bed bug characteristics to be able to better identify them. Bed bugs are small oval-shaped insects with a reddish-brown body. Bed bugs look as though their body was flattened. Typically, full grown adult bed bugs grow to be around the size of an apple seed. Bed bugs do not have any type of wings on their body. Also, since bed bugs are rather small insects, they have an abundance of hiding spaces at their disposal. This means they can sometimes be extra tricky to identify and find. 

Ready to Feast

Bed bugs love to hitchhike from person to person, spreading their eggs. It does not matter how much you or your family members clean your house in anticipation for the party or game, bed bugs can still find their way into your homes. Bed bugs do not care about how clean or dirty your house is as long as they have a reliable source of food. Since they are always looking for their next feast, it makes a party the perfect opportunity. Bed bugs do not discriminate between people. It does not matter whether they are dirty or clean. Anyone can be a victim to a bed bug infestation.  

Bed bugs can latch onto you from anywhere and anyone, no one is safe. At parties or tailgating they will have an abundance of people to latch on to, allowing themselves to be brought back to homes. Just because bed bugs are nocturnal, does not mean they do not hitchhike during the day. They are ready to jump onto their next victim at all times of day. It is important to keep an eye out during this time of year. 

Prevention Tips

If you have family members or friends that you believe have been exposed to bed bugs, it is important to follow these precautionary tips:

After you leave the party or gathering, it is crucial to spray your shoes with at least 90% rubbing alcohol. Bed bugs are known to hide on the bottom crevices of shoes, and this percentage of alcohol ensures that the bed bugs cannot survive. Also, if you are able to change into an extra set of clothing before you arrive home this can help you not bring any bed bugs home. Then, putting all your used clothing into a closed bag, this can help stop the infestation from spreading. You should then place all your used clothes into the dryer. When bed bugs spend 25 minutes or longer at 109 degrees, they will not survive. Taking these precautions will help lessen the overall bed bug infestations. 

The BBQ Professionals:

Always remember, if you believe that you might have found bed bugs in your home from using the information above, it is important to get it taken care of right away before the infestation can spread any further. Bed Bug BBQ in Lakewood, Ohio even offers free local bed bug home inspections! Our Bed Bug BBQ team is always ready to take on any bed bug challenges that come our way with their non-chemical heat treatment. If you need a professional’s opinion feel free to contact us and give us a call at (216) 221-1227.

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