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Caught In The Bed Bug “Crossfire”

When someone first has a hunch they might have a bed bug infestation brewing in their home the first reaction is generally to go to the hardware store. Once there they buy some pesticides to try to deal with the problem on your own before going to a professional. Is this the correct move though? One of the more popular choices for in home pesticides is Crossfire® Bed Bug Concentrate.


How do you know Crossfire® is safe to use in your home or even effective compared to a bed bug exterminator? A 130oz jug of Crossfire® can cost upwards of $300. What happens if it doesn’t work?


Here is a more in depth look at Crossfire®…


What is Crossfire®?

Previously we detailed CimeXa and Diatomaceous Earth, an engineered silica dust that clings to a bed bug’s shell. Crossfire® works differently; Crossfire® is a water-based liquid insecticide that controls bed bug population wherever it is sprayed. It kills bed bugs in 5 minutes and lasts for up to 30 days after the first application. It is non-staining, low odor, and is approved for direct application to mattresses leaving no stains or residues. Crossfire® is designed to be able to kill bed bugs in any stage of their life cycle, from eggs to adults. The consequence in dealing with spray-insecticides is identifying where all the bed bugs are located in a space. Because of their small size and instinct to hide, these pests can be easily overlooked. If you miss them with a spray, like Crossfire®, bed bugs will continue to be present.


How is Crossfire® Applied?

Crossfire® is a liquid concentrate that has to be mixed with water before it is applied. 13oz of the concentrate is mixed with 115oz of water. Then the gallon of mixture is sprayed over the infested areas such as mattresses or furniture. For these types of surfaces you want to apply until the surface is thoroughly damp but not wet. The same type of application would go for your pet’s bedding sleeping areas, or furnishings. You can also apply Crossfire® to walls, floorboards, baseboards, and other similar areas with a paintbrush. It is recommended by the manufacturer that you vacuum surfaces prior to treatment. Crossfire® is low odor but as with most chemicals it would be a safe idea to wear a respirator when applying the mixture as to not get any in your lungs and to remove all pets and other people from where Crossfire® is being applied until it is dry.


Crossfire® is not meant to be applied to infested bed linens just the box spring or mattress. Those linens should be gathered, sealed tightly in a plastic bag, then laundered and dried at high temperatures prior to using them again. You wouldn’t want to sleep in sheets that are full of a pesticide would you?


Crossfire® & Heat Treatments

Of course, bed bug heat treatments are an excellent and eco-friendly way to deal with bed bugs and will kill bed bugs in all stages of their life cycle in one day. Often times heat treatments and Crossfire® are used in conjunction since Crossfire® cannot be applied to every crevice or item in the space that is being affected by the bed bug infestation. That being said, the heat treatment must be done first before you apply Crossfire®. Heat treatments break down pesticide residuals, which means you are reducing the effects of Crossfire® if you heat it immediately after use.


Although with a heat treatment, Crossfire® is not entirely needed and may just be an added cost and an additional headache since heat treatments are effective and take under 24 hours to kill all bed bugs.

Don’t want to battle bed bugs for weeks or present pesticides into your home? Consider a bed bug heat treatment, a non-chemical bed bug extermination process that will kill all life-stages of bed bugs in just one day! If you are in Cleveland, OH and have bed bugs or think you do, give Bed Bug BBQ a call at (216) 221- 1227 to schedule your FREE inspection today.

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