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All You Need To Know About Bed Bug Prevention This Winter

Bed bugs have always been a problem for humans since the dawn of time. Archaeological findings even prove they already existed 4,000 years ago. They are human parasites, which means they feed on human blood. Bed bugs can be found just about anywhere, and they hide during the day and crawl out at night.

Although a bite from a bed bug will not transmit diseases, it can still be irritating. Not to mention, it can make anyone feel ill at ease in their own home. They do like temperate climates, but this does not mean they aren’t present in winter.

Bed bugs cannot easily be driven away by simply washing sheets or spraying insecticide. Preventative measures are needed to keep these critters out of the home and prevent a booming infestation.

Dead bed bug on person's skin. Bed Bug Habitat

Bed bugs dwell in warm places. They don’t like cold temperatures, so the summer months are perfect for their growth. However, because most human homes have heating, they are able to survive in the winter and continue feeding.

Bed bugs live in mattresses, sofa sets, closets, shoes, bags — literally anywhere. They easily adapt to cooler weather, so even if we leave our belongings out in the cold, they will still end up hiding deep into them, where they are protected from wind and air.

How Bed Bugs Travel

Homes with nearby commercial areas are more likely to have bed bugs. This allows them to move easily from one place to another. They travel along with us, thus finding new habitats and new humans to feed on.

Bed bugs spread throughout the world because of human travel. Other factors include the popularity of second-hand items and lack of basic awareness.

How To Keep Them Away

It’s important to determine if you have a bed bug infestation as quickly as possible, in order to perform bed bug prevention. This helps us deal with it quickly before it spreads across our property. Here are some recommended ways for bed bug prevention this winter:

  • Check hotel rooms before unpacking: Bed bugs hide in headboards, mattresses,Closeup of bed bug on skin. couches, and chairs. Move to a different room if you see one.
  • Use duffel bags instead of suitcases: Duffel bags can be washed upon returning home. Store suitcases in the attic or basement instead of the bedroom.
  • Wash everything after a trip: This doesn’t just apply to dirty clothes but everything else bed bugs might be hiding.
  • Use bed bug-proof mattresses: The material of these mattresses makes it easy to see bed bugs and is also resistant to tears.
  • Vacuum frequently: Do this once a week to clean carpets, rugs, and all the corners that are ideal dwelling places for bed bugs. Make sure to empty the bags to prevent spreading.
  • Think twice about buying second-hand items: Take extra care when buying goods from thrift stores. Inspect them before washing and drying on high heat.
  • Check new apparel before buying them: Bed bugs can travel from one shopper to another or via parcel delivery. Even new clothes and shoes can have them.
  • Declutter every now and then: This helps homeowners identify if there are bed bugs hiding in untouched belongings.

Wrapping It Up

Bed bug prevention is always better than extermination. However, if all else fails and the infestation seems to be getting out of hand, it’s best not to DIY it and just hope for the best. Often, it’s better to call a professional pest control service to eliminate them permanently from your home.

Freezing personal items temporarily can help with bed bug prevention, and using essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and tea tree can repel them. However, it can be hard to tell whether there are still some of their eggs hiding in inconspicuous places inside the house. It’s best not to take matters into your own hands and simply hire a pest control service for help.

Prevention with Bed Bug BBQ

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