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Releasing Bed Bugs On Purpose??

It may sound too gross to even consider- who in the world would release bed bugs deliberately? But that’s exactly what happened in January 2020 at a Walmart in Pennsylvania. The bed bugs were released in a dressing room, and two containers filled with bed bugs were found in other areas of the store. Someone had brought them in and released them on purpose! The Walmart in question had to close for cleaning, and police even came in to search surveillance footage and run fingerprints to catch whoever released the bugs. The question is, who would do that- and why? 

Does This Happen Often?

You might be wondering if this happens often. The good news is that no, it doesn’t happen often. In fact, that’s why Pennsylvania police were so taken aback at first. Bed bugs, though very easy to spread, are not usually spread on purpose. Of course, there’s always someone out there who will take any opportunity to create mischief- or chaos, depending on who you ask. 

What Happened in Edinboro, Pennsylvania?

The incident at a Walmart in Edinboro, Pennsylvania in January 2020 understandably shocked many. A closed pill bottle with live bed bugs inside was put inside a jacket in the boys’ department and left there. Employees observed live bed bugs crawling around the dressing room in the men’s department, and another pill bottle containing an assortment of dead bed bugs was found on the floor near a belt display. The Walmart brought in an outside pest control company to evaluate the building and luckily, they did not find an infestation! The police came in and tried to identify a suspect or group of suspects in the release of the bed bugs by using video and trying to pull fingerprints off of the pill bottles. Unfortunately, as of April 2020, no suspects have been identified. 

clothes pileAre Bed Bugs Easy to Spread Accidentally?

The good news is, bed bugs are not usually spread on purpose. The bad news is, they are pretty easy to spread accidentally. Bed bugs love to get onto clothes, purses, upholstery, etc. and hang on for dear life- and then detach themselves in random locations. Unfortunately, those random locations can include couches, beds, and other surfaces in your home. You could accidentally bring them home from the doctors’ office, the movies, even an airplane. Guests could accidentally bring over bed bugs as well when visiting your home for a holiday or gathering– you just never know. 

How to Spot Bed Bugsbed bug up close

Bed bugs are tiny (adults are usually the size of an apple seed), but they’re not too difficult to spot if you’re looking for them. Look for small spots that are usually black or rust-colored. These are bed bug fecal stains, and they’re a good indication that you have a bed bug issue. Another sign that you have bed bugs is waking up with bites. If the bites are small, red, and itchy, they could be caused by bed bugs, especially if they appear in a line or group of 3 to 5 bites. If you find any of these signs, call a professional bed bug exterminator to come out and check your home.

Have a Bed Bug Problem? Don’t Worry.

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