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How Likely Are You To Get Bed Bugs From Someone?

Bed bugs are able to travel fairly easily with the help of human travel and transport everyday. These insects nest in various parts of homes in small cracks and crevices, when not feeding. You can recognize the signs of bed bugs early on and prevent further damage by taking care of the problem professionally. 

The Main Cause of Bed Bugs 

Bed bugs are tiny insects thMan pointing out bed bugs with flashlight on inside of mattress at typically feed on human blood. Bed bugs do not have the ability to fly, therefore they crawl from each location, attaching onto luggage, clothing, bedding, etc. Human travel is one of the main causes of bed bug infestations due to the amount of transport of material that is present. When traveling, luggage, purses, clothing, backpacks, etc. can become infested with a few bed bugs and then multiply and travel when brought to a new location. All it takes is one bed bug infested location to have a domino effect on multiple, other locations. If this problem is not taken care of quickly, these insects can multiply and become even harder to take care of in the future. Places of higher traffic can be a  huge problem because it may be harder to notice the signs of bed bugs quickly. 

Common Places of Bed Bug Infestation 

Bed bugs do not necessarily have a preference on nesting location, but some places are more common than others. Larger cities, higher population density, and higher travel rates create more opportunity for bed bugs to attach onto something and travel to the next location. Nursing homes, hospitals, and schools are also common places for bed bugs due to the amount of people in and out of these places. Once bed bugs are transported to another location, they are easily able to crawl through wall voids, vents, walls, pipes, floors and ceiling openings. 

Signs of Bed Bugs Red bed bug bites on skin

The signs of bed bugs begin early with bites on the human skin. Small red raised, itchy bumps on the skin can indicate that bed bugs are living inside of your bedding and looking for a place to feed. Small dark spots on the walls and bedding from the bed bug excrement are typically a very common sign of the presence of bed bugs as well. Sometimes in a large infestation, bed bugs can also leave a musty odor in your bedding and home due to the bed bugs scent glands being released when they are disturbed or disrupted. 

So Can Bed Bugs Be Transferred From One Person To Another? 

Bed bugs do not jump or fly, therefore, cannot be transferred from person to person directly, such as other insects like lice. Rather, they are able to attach onto one person’s clothing, luggage, or bags and then be transferred to another location that way. Bed bugs are able to spread so quickly because of this specific way that they travel. There is constant human travel and spread of bed bugs because the carrier does not always know that their belongings are infested. 

Seeing Signs of Bed Bugs? 

Bed bugs are pesky and sneaky when entering your home and sometimes it’s impossible to avoid encountering them. Noticing the signs of bed bugs early on and taking action can help to prevent any further damage or distress that these insects can cause. Bed Bug BBQ uses a heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs infestations. Heat is more effective in getting rid of large infestations compared to Apprehend spray in order to get rid of smaller bed bug problems. Although this spray contains a natural fungal disease of insects that only affects bugs, heat is the most natural and effective way of removing infestations from the home.

Bed Bug BBQ is here to help you with all of your bed bug needs. 

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