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Am I At Risk For a Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bug infestations come to most as a surprise, but there are some warning signs and things to avoid if you want to prevent your home from being infested. If you already believe you might have a bed bug infestation, there are certain questions you can ask yourself and things to check for. Either way, there are certain situations and places to be mindful of that may increase your risk for a bed bug infestation. 


Bed bugs will usually find their way into your home by hitching a ride with someone or something. The more traffic in an area or building means there is more risk for a bed bug infestation. It’s tough to predict where exactly bed bugs might come from, but there are some hot spots you should be wary of. 

Hotel rooms

Despite how clean and tidy a hotel room may look, it could still be harboring a hidden bed bug infestation. Make sure you inspect your hotel room for bed bugs no matter how clean it may seem. Whether or not you notice them during your stay at the hotel, it’s still very easy for bed bugs to jump onto you, your clothing or your luggage. Be wary of any visible spots on the bed or sheets, or if you happen to see the bug itself!

Public Transportation

Bed bugs are often travelling in search of food and can be transported unknowingly to them and the transporter. Any sort of public transport is susceptible to passing bed bugs, whether the vehicle has an infestation or the bugs are just passing through. Vehicles like busses with fabric seats are more prone to hide an unnoticed bed bug infestation. Be especially cautious when taking rides from Uber or Lyft as the companies leave it up to the driver to be responsible for the cleanliness of their own car. Again, just because it looks clean doesn’t mean some bed bugs aren’t hiding there. Remember that with ride-shares, people are using their own personal vehicles, and there’s no way to know what their home or history is like. 

Waiting Room

Pretty much any sort of publicly used space that contains fabric or upholstery is at risk for attracting bed bugs, which also means a higher risk of bringing them home. Hospitals and doctor’s offices are usually clean, but there are sick people there for a reason, and they may bring more than just illness with them. The examination room has much less of a risk of attracting bed bugs, as they are cleaned more thoroughly and regularly, but aren’t completely exempt, so keep an eye out either way.

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Used Furniture

If you’re a bargain hunter and visit thrift stores or garage sales often, make sure to check any items for bed bugs before purchasing. Donated and used items are often overlooked and thrown right onto the shelf or into the lawn without any sort of inspection. Even if objects are cleaned beforehand they can still pick up bed bugs from other objects or people passing by. Bed bugs can hide in any sort of crack or tiny space, whether there is fabric or not. Plastic containers and bags stored in attics or basements very well could be hiding a bed bug infestation that can easily spread to anything else in the surrounding area. 

Think You May Be At Risk?

If you think you are at risk or have attracted a bed bug infestation, call the experts at Bed Bug Barbeque, LLC! Using safe and effective heat treatment, Bed Bug Barbeque, LLC will exterminate any bed bug infestation in one day of treatment. Call us today at (216) 306-5997 or visit our website!

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