Bed bug bites on skin

How To Quickly Identify A Bed Bug Bite

Bed bugs are swift and resilient insects, biting when you least expect it. Since they are small nocturnal creatures, it is sometimes hard to figure out if they are in your home. 

One of the best ways to know that you have an infestation is by identifying bed bug bites. Even though they share some similarities with other bugs, there are enough differences to set them apart.

Bed Bug Bite Features And Symptoms

Bed bugs can feed on any part of your body as long as they have easy access to your skin. They go for the exposed parts of your body first and usually do so while you are sleeping. 

The most common areas where you’ll see bites include the arms, legs, neck, shoulders, and face. Since they inject a mild anesthetic when they feed, they become hardly noticeable for a sleeping victim.

Symptoms can vary from slightly irritating to very distracting. Due to the anesthetic, it can take days before you can feel any of these symptoms. The most unmistakable sign that they’ve bitten you are the presence of small red bumps, which can develop some minor irritation or inflammation. These red bumps appear in a line or a zigzag pattern.

Aside from the pattern, you may feel a raised itchy bump where the bite occurred. The surrounding area may become swollen and red. Once you discover the bite area, make sure to check your bed. There should be small spots of dried blood on your clothes or sheets indicating that they have fed.

In most cases, the symptoms can progress over a few days and resolve within a week. While rare, some people do experience severe symptoms from the bites. The loss of blood can lead to a nauseous feeling or difficulty breathing. Others experience fever and develop blisters.

Some studies have also shown that complications can occur if an infestation is not taken care of. Bite areas are prone to infection if they are not cleaned and taken care of. There are also links between fatigue and bed bugs.

One of the worst things you can experience is nightly stress. Knowing that bed bugs can come out again while you are asleep can leave you restless and anxious.

Bed Bug Bites Vs. Other Insect Bites

Another way to distinguish bed bug bites is to compare them with common insect bites. In this manner, you can confirm if you do have a bed bug problem or if it’s something else. Here are some other insect bites you should be aware of.


Unlike bed bugs, bee stings are immediately felt upon impact. You will feel a sharp pain, and the area where you’ve been stung will show slight swelling. The pain and swelling last for a few hours in most cases. For others, the swelling can last until the next day, and it will take five to ten days before the swelling disappears. The most extreme cases only occur when you have a severe allergic reaction to the sting.


Ticks live outdoors and don’t spend time inside your homes. While most bites don’t cause any symptoms, their bites can cause allergic reactions. They can also carry diseases that have the possibility of transmission, such as Lyme disease. If you are allergic, you will feel a rash and a burning sensation in the bite area.


Mosquito bites are also felt a few minutes after the bite. The skin will get itchy, and bumps will appear within the day. While the symptoms usually subside after the initial irritation, mosquitoes can transmit diseases. You can identify the bite area through the presence of a swollen bump.


Fleas often bite the legs and feet areas. Symptoms usually appear within half an hour. Flea bites are very itchy, and this itch can develop into a small wound. If you find yourself scratching a lot because of the itch, it is likely a flea bite.

Know What’s Biting You!

Knowing the identifying features of bed bug bites, you’ll be aware if they are in your home. The best way to get rid of them is to ask for professional help. Home remedies will only have a minimal effect and won’t get rid of an infestation. To exterminate them, you need the right tools and people. If you suspect bed bugs, call Bed Bug Barbeque in Lakewood, Ohio at (216) 400-5411 or visit us on our website! We are Lakewood’s bed bug experts and offer safe, effective heat treatment.

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