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How long does it take to develop a bed bug infestation?

The nuisance of the rental and living community, bed bugs can find their way to any home, whether it is clean or filled with clutter. The only things that a bed bug needs to live is a place to hide and a living host, so anyone is subject to be pestered by these little creatures.

The question of how long it takes to develop an infestation depends a lot on the life cycle of a single bed bug and whether a female or male is the first to enter your home or vehicle. If a lone male comes into your home, then no infestation will start. But if an uninvited female is the first to join your household, you may find yourself with a larger problem in your hands since female bed bugs are the only ones able to lay eggs.


Able to lay 3 eggs a day if a host is available to feed on, a female bed bug can lay more than 300 eggs in her lifetime. Eggs are small and white and stick to any surface, particularly near a feeding location, and hatch is approximately 10 days. After these hatch, they become nymphs, but in order to grow they must be able to feed. In roughly 1.5 – 2 months, these eggs will grow to adult bed bugs and will live for about 10 months.


Because of the generally longer life cycle of a single bed bug, infestations develop slowly and since they are smaller and are more active at night, they can go a long period of time without being detected. Often times, many people don’t realize they have bed bugs until bites become more and more obvious. Even then, these bites can be mistaken as marks from other pests. But over a few months, evidence of bed bugs will begin appearing such as tracked bites, excrement left behind, and more eggs are found. Bed bug feces are often found in and around harborage sites clustered together. If there is large amounts, it can even have a sweet odor.


As these bed bugs grow, they will even leave behind their old skin and form a new larger skin. In heavy infestation areas or their “nest”, there will be more of an abundance of these skins from their molting.


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