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Neem Oil Will Not Exterminate Bed Bugs

Within forums across the web, there has been much discussion around the concept of neem oil being used to exterminate bed bugs. With everyone trying to find new natural ways of defending themselves against these pests, it is not surprising that many have discussed neem oil as a potential option. Although neem oil may be an option for a natural repellent against bed bugs, it does not exterminate nor get rid of a bed bug infestation. 

Controlling a Bed Bug Infestation

Controlling a bed bug infestation is challenging. They have the ability to live anywhere. With their small size and flat body, they manage to hide in the tiniest of crevices that can become their harborage spots. Bed bug feeding habits also present quite a challenge because they only come out at night, can go several months with a blood meal, and they only come out every couple of days to feed. It is not rare to go several weeks without seeing any at all if the infestation is just beginning, so an infestation can be around for several weeks or months before making itself apparent. 

There can be many obstacles when trying to get rid of bed bugs. Many people try DIY products such as bed bug foggers, CimeXa, Diatomaceous Earth, and other over the counter products that are available for public use. Many of these methods are only effective through penetration, meaning they have to come in contact with the bed bug in order for it to become active. Because of this, many of these methods prove to be ineffective because of the chance of missing pockets of bed bugs that are hiding in obscure locations. It often takes a visit from a bed bug exterminator to eradicate an entire infestation for good. 

Neem Oil and Bed Bugs

Like the previous methods discussed, neem oil can only kill bed bugs when it makes direct contact with a bed bug. So when people use neem oil when trying to combat full blown bed bug infestations, many issues can occur. The main issue is that you would need to get neem oil in contact with each and every one of the bed bugs in order for it to be effective. Obviously, this is an impossible mission when there is an infestation present. Bed bugs are naturally good hiders, hiding themselves in small crevices throughout your home. Therefore, the neem oil extraction method for an infestation would be an exhausting and costly effort for anyone to take on. 

Another problem that can occur with neem oil is that it is only a short term solution for the “removal” of bed bugs. Neem oil’s effects tend to wear off around one week. Since bed bugs do not need to feed everyday to stay alive, they can hide for a good amount of time without being affected. This can cause bed bugs to still be thriving and hiding within your home, even though you thought they were eradicated. They will usually reappear after the effects of the neem oil wear off.  

Natural Bed Bug Control

Trying to get rid of a bed bug infestation naturally may seem like a huge challenge with the popularity of harsh and toxic chemicals in today’s society. It makes sense that people are seeking safer alternatives to eradicate bed bugs. However, there are more effective options to deal with infestations naturally rather than using ineffective neem oil. One of the best examples is using heat treatment. Heat treatment is not only 100% Eco-Friendly and Non-Chemical, but also very effective in the eradication of bed bug infestations in people’s homes. Heat treatment is proven to eliminate all eggs, nymphs, and adults within a day of the treatment. 


If you are trying to find a more effective natural alternative to harsh chemicals for the eradication of your bed bug infestation, it is worth giving Bed Bug BBQ’s heat treatment a try. Our bed bug heat treatments contain NO pesticides or chemicals. However, unlike most other natural bed bug control alternatives, our heat treatment is proven to be effective in killing bed bugs. You can call us at (216) 221- 1227 or contact us through our website for a FREE inspection today!

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