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How to Avoid Getting A Bed Bug Infestation In the Future

If you’ve already dealt with a bed bug infestation then you already know what a painful and tedious process exterminating them is. Just because they are gone, however, doesn’t mean they won’t ever come back. Whether you are warding off your first potential bed bug crisis or preventing a bed bug return, here are some things you can do to avoid a bed bug infestation.

Knowing What To Look For

Make sure that if you think you see a bed bug, confirm that it is a bed bug. Unfortunately, bed bugs aren’t the only critters crawling around our homes, so ensure that what you’re dealing with really is a bed bug. Knowing the signs of a bed bug infestation will help you identify if you have a problem or not, whether or not you see the bug itself. Catching warning signs early will give you an upper hand when it comes to a bed bug infestation.

Proactive Steps

Taking a few moments to secure hiding places, clean and wash will make all the difference going forward in preventing a bed bug infestation. Here are some areas where you might want to focus your attention when keeping a bed bug infestation in mind. 

Declutter And Clean

Bed bugs love to hide, and the more clutter there is, the more hiding places they have to take advantage of. Try to rid yourself of any extra furniture you don’t need and clear up any piles of clothes or laundry you might have. Clutter is all the more dangerous during an infestation because it gives the bugs more opportunity to spread out to the rest of your home. 


There are mixed sources on whether or not certain smells, like essential oils, have any effect on bed bugs. While none of these suggestions in this section will completely exterminate an entire infestation, it’s worth a shot to try out in certain specific areas you want to focus on deterring bed bugs from. There are various household items and smells you can find to help ward off an infestation. 


Most of the time, an infestation is caused by the critters hitchhiking a ride into your home. If you frequently travel, or recently have travelled, you are probably at a greater risk of an infestation. Bed bugs often hide in the lining and crevices of suitcases, so be sure to check there first when coming home. When returning from a trip, it’s a good idea to wash all of your clothes, whether you wore them or not, to expel any potential bed bugs bumming a ride. Make sure you also check your hotel room for bed bugs whenever you stay away from home.

Shared Facilities A laundromat with aisles of washing machines.

If you live in an apartment or any other sort of shared housing complex, the risk for a bed bug infestation is even greater, simply because of the frequent traffic throughout the building. Washing clothes and laundry are sure ways to get rid of bed bugs, but there could be some leftover survivors in the machine waiting for the chance to jump onto your laundry! Especially with older machines in shared facilities, make sure you inspect for bed bugs each time, because you never know who used them before you! More so, make sure you don’t leave any of your clothing or laundry directly on the floor in shared facilities, washed or unwashed. 

Dealing With Bed Bugs Now?

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