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How Do Bed Bugs Infestations Happen on Public Transportation?

Just because they are called bed bugs does not mean that they only live in beds. Bed bugs can travel themselves and in many major cities public transportation is the main and best form of transportation for most people.  Bed bugs can actually live in any bit of fabric furniture. This includes things such as couches, office chairs and even seats on public transportation vehicles, such as bus and subway seats. 

With that being said, it is possible for you to pick up a bed bug infestation from taking public transportation. It is not super common for bed bugs to infest things such as trains, busses and subways, but it certainly has happened. It’s important to make sure you are aware that this is a possibility so you can take the proper precautions when you are traveling via public transportation.

How Does it Happen?

Bed bugs often end up on public transportation because they are brought there by humans. This means that they are picked up from someone’s house and then transported on their clothing, bag, or other fabric. After ending up on the vehicle, the bugs then plant themselves on seats and can hitch a ride onto other people and their clothes or their belongings.

So, while your bed might not be infested by bed bugs, you can certainly pick up a bed bug by riding on the train next to someone who has bed bugs on their own clothes or bags. Bed bugs are small enough that you oftentimes won’t be able to see one if they are on you; bed bugs are typically the size of an apple seed. 

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How to Avoid a Bed Bug Infestation on Public Vehicles?

While it does take a large number of bed bugs to create an infestation, it certainly can, and has, happened. It is very easy for bed bugs to end up in places like taxi seats and subways, especially when a lot of people are constantly using them. To avoid city-wide infections on public vehicles, city management should be active in the sanitation of vehicles and prevention of bed bugs. 

Once bed bugs have made an establishment on public transportation vehicles, it can often be hard to get rid of them fully since so many people are using the vehicles. It is important that if bed bugs are found that the proper steps should be taken to ensure that they are taken care of and won’t come back.

Doing Your Part

Keeping bed bugs off of public vehicles is a community effort. It takes the entire city working together to avoid infestation. All it takes is one person to bring bugs onto the vehicle for it to possibly turn into an infestation. Luckily with the proper precautions bed bugs can be avoided.

If you find bed bugs on yourself or in your home take care of them right away. You do not want to risk spreading them to anyone else. Having a professional come to deal with the issue is the best way to go about it. This prevents you from spreading the bugs to others via the form of public transportation.

It is also a city’s duty to make sure that they are monitoring the situation and making sure companies are following proper protocols. This includes things such as routine cleanings, bed bug checks and monitoring users. If a bed bug infestation does occur, it should be taken care of right away to make sure it affects the least amount of people possible.

Do You Have a Bed Bug Infestation?

If you or someone you know is dealing with bed bug issues it is important to bring in a professional right away. Bed bugs spread easily and fast. If, for any reason, you find evidence of bed bugs in your public transportation vehicle, contact a bed bug exterminator right away. There are bed bug removal processes available, like a bed bug heat treatment, that do not cause damage. Bed Bug Barbeque offers a 100% non-chemical bed bug heat treatment service for vehicles in Cleveland, OH. Contact us today on our website or call us at (216) 221-1227.

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