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Brunswick Bed Bug Scare

A Brunswick elementary school will be closed today (10/17/19) and tomorrow (10/18/19) due to a bed bug scare. According to a Facebook post, a bed bug was recently found on a student’s folder. The bug was caught, sealed in a bag and is being taken to the Medina County Board of Health to confirm that it is a bed bug. 

It can be very hard for schools to effectively deal with a bed bug infestation, due to the sheer size of the student body and school. However, as a school you can take the proper steps to better prepare your students, teachers, staff, and parents in case one ever happens.

Anyone Can Get Bed Bugs

First and foremost, it is important to understand that anyone can get bed bugs. It doesn’t matter where you go to school, live, or work, everyone is vulnerable to bed bugs. Bed bugs are known as natural born hitchhikers. This means that bed bugs can latch onto you from anywhere and anyone, no one is safe. So even if you believe it is impossible to get them because your house is sparkling clean, this should be a wakeup call to understand how you can better prevent it from happening in your home. 

Bed Bugs Invading Schools

Just like this Brunswick elementary school has experienced, bed bug scares can happen anywhere, even in schools. With how closely knit all the students and teachers are within schools, it is easy for bed bugs to spread from person to person. Also, bed bugs have no preference whether they go home with students, teachers, staff members, or administration. That is why it is ideal for all staff to be educated and trained in how to properly deal with a bed bug encounter in their classrooms.If your school does not have a current plan in place, it could be valuable to bring it up to your school administration.

It is important if you are a teacher or staff member, to take these precautionary steps if you believe you have spotted a bed bug:

  • First, discreetly ask the student to step out of the classroom
  • Try to properly seal the bed bug in a bag for proper identification by bed bug professionals, it is important to keep the bug intact 
  • Collect and check the rest of the student’s items and clothing for bed bugs or signs of bed bugs
  • Thoroughly inspect the item and general area where the bed bug was spotted
  • Immediately tell your school administration of your bed bug encounter so they can get in contact with a bed bug professional to take further action
  • Alert all the parents of the students at your school

If you work within a school with a bed bug scare, it is possible you can be their next victim. In order to prevent further infestation, when you arrive home you need to immediately wash and dry all your clothing and items on high heat. Then, you will need to further inspect all of your belongings, including your shoes and purse. This is important because bed bugs love to hide in small crevices. 

Prevent Your Kids From Bringing Home Bed Bugs

Even though bed bugs have no bias against their victims, you are still able to prevent a bed bug infestation to spread from school to your home with these following methods:

  • The easiest way to prevent bed bugs is to wash and dry your children’s backpacks on high heat weekly
  • For extra precaution inspect your student’s belongings on a consistent basis before they enter the premises of your home
  • Don’t forget to check the more trivial hiding places like any pockets, seams, and other small crevices
  • Keep all school items in a neutral areas away from sleeping areas such as bedrooms and mattresses 

Chemical Free Heat Treatment for Schools

If you believe your child has brought bed bugs home from Brunswick elementary school or you saw a bed bug in your school in the Northeast and Cleveland, OH area, call the professionals, Bed Bug BBQ at (216) 221-1227 for a FREE bed bug inspection. Bed Bug BBQ specializes in bed bug heat treatments, which is non-chemical and safe for schools and all children.

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