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If One Room Has Bedroom Bugs, Do They All?

You are relaxing on the couch when all of a sudden, you spot a tiny brown bed bug sitting right next to you. Immediately, you jump up and get rid of the bug. But if there is one bedroom bug in this room, does that mean that all of my rooms have them? The short answer is that it depends on how long that one bed bug has been there before you saw it. Those small critters are quick to spread and may have already scattered throughout your home, causing an infestation.

Description of Bed Bugs:

Let’s make sure what you actually spotted was a bed bug. Oftentimes, bed bugs are not immediately recognized because people confuse them for other bugs, such as ticks, fleas, lice, and more. Also, because of their tiny size, bed bugs are sometimes not even seen at all, which can cause the infestation to worsen.

Bed bugs are fast-moving reddish-brown insects. They are flat and oval in shape. On average, bed bugs are between 5 and 7 millimeters long. Once they take in blood, they grow in size and change to a deep red color. If you aren’t sure which kind of bug you spotted, it’s best to contact an expert to help you!

What Next?

After you think you found a bed bug, the best thing to do is to go room by room and look for the signs that bed bugs may be present. Bedroom bugs leave behind certain indicators that let you know they were there. One of the most common signs is brown, black, or reddish spots on your bed sheets or any other fabric. Another sign is having small red bumps on your body. Sometimes these bumps are lined on your body and appear in groups of three or more.

How To Check For Bed Bugs

One of the first steps you can take to check for bed bugs is to look at the place they are most likely to be hanging around the most: your mattress. Take all of the sheets and blankets off your bed and carefully check the entire area for bed bugs. Also, go through your whole house and check the hidden places where a bed bug may be hiding. It would be best to bring along a flashlight or magnifying glass so you can carefully look over those hard-to-reach areas for bed bugs.

Bed Bug Characteristics

It’s important to know the key characteristics of bed bugs to determine whether they have spread and prevent further infestation. Bedroom bugs have the habit of hiding in various places within close reach, such as wall outlets, between couch cushions, and in the mattress. They always make sure they stay in areas close to people because we are their main food source. It’s best to contact a professional if you suspect that a bed bug infestation occurred.

How To Properly Eliminate Bedroom Bugs

If it appears that you caught the bed bugs early, that’s great! Now let’s help you properly eliminate them! There are a few different actions you could take to eliminate bedroom bugs before needing to call professionals. The first thing you could try is to stick some double-sided tape on the bed bug to easily remove them. Another option is to take all of your blankets, clothes, bedsheets, and the like and wash and them in the hottest settings. These two choices are great ways to quickly get rid of a few bed bugs! Chances are, if you see one bed bug in your home, there are more lurking around throughout all the rooms in your house. This is when you know it’s a good time to contact the experts!

Concerned About Bed Bugs?

Are you concerned that you might have a bedroom bug infestation? Let our experienced team at Bed Bug BBQ put your fears aside! At Bed Bug BBQ, we offer an exclusive bed bug extermination approach that is 100% chemical-free! We guarantee to remove ALL of your bed bugs so that you can get back to normal. Call us at 216-221-1227!

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