A bed bug prepares to bite a human. The image is very close up.

How to Tell The Difference Between Spider Bites and Bed Bug Bites

We’ve all woken up with some sort of bug bite and most likely wonder where it came from and which bug committed the crime. Bug bites have various appearances and it’s easy to mistake one for another. While no one is going around begging for spider bites, they may bring a bit of relief when compared to bed bug bites. 

Warning Signs

If you’re having trouble identifying your bug bite, there are some additional signs and questions you can ask that would point to bed bugs. If you have recently traveled or brought used furniture into your home the risk for bed bug bites are higher, as this is one of their main pathways into the home. Bed bugs will also leave black or dark-red marks on sheets and upholstery. These visible spots are their excrement and are an obvious indicator of where your bed bugs bites may have come from.

Most of the time, you won’t be able to find the exact spider that bit you the night before. Bed bugs, however, will still be hiding in crevices or the linings of sheets or upholstery. More than likely, you’ll find them there, or at least signs that they were there. Again, looking for their feces stains will be the easiest indicator to find. 

bed bug bites on a man's leg


Bed bug bites are different from spider bites and you should be able to tell the difference on your own. Spider bites are caused from the venom of the spider and will look significantly different from mosquito or bed bug bites. 

Spider Bites 

Spider bites are mostly focused in one spot, usually only one bite at a time. There may be a white pit or blister in the middle surrounded by redness like a ring. Sometimes the white part can be blue or purple and it may turn into an open sore if not treated properly. Spider bites will heal on their own, but if symptoms worsen over a 24-hour period seek medical attention. This is an indicator that the spider bite may be more venomous than a normal household spider.

Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites will be clustered or in a line with more than one bite in the same area. Bed bugs feed on human and animal blood. They will take a bite in one spot, then move a little bit and start feeding again. While most other bug bites, like mosquitoes, will concentrate around a certain body part, like ankles, bed bugs will feed on any exposed skin during the nighttime. Most times, you won’t know you have a bed bug bite until the next morning or when the bites begin to itch. 

What To Do Next

If you have confirmed the presence of bed bugs by identifying bed bug bites, it’s best to start cleaning right away. If you haven’t already, begin washing everything. Any sort of cloth, clothing or upholstery should be focused on to exterminate bed bugs and hinder them from spreading. Make sure you separate or quarantine your cleaned items so that they don’t get infested once more. There are plenty of common household items you may already have that can help you combat a bed bug infestation. 

Too Much To Handle?

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