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How to Check a Motel for Bed Bugs

Are you worried there may be bed bugs in your motel currently? You came to the right place! Bed bugs like to travel with you and can cause an infestation in places like motels, furniture, and mattresses. When checking into a motel room, you should first check the area for bed bugs. 

What Are Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a type of insect that will feed on human and animal blood. They typically like to do this while humans and animals sleep. Bed bugs like to hide anywhere, like in your clothes, luggage, dressers, bedding, and more. They can be confused with many different types of insects, which is why it is important to double-check that you are dealing with a bed bug. 

Checking Your Motel

Hands pulling back the sheets and her bedding.It is critical to examine the entire room for bed bugs when you arrive at your motel. Before you begin searching the room for bed bugs, set your luggage on a rack or table as soon as you enter the motel room. Inspecting the bed, pulling back the bedding, and checking the furniture are essential ways to look for bed bugs in your motel.   

Inspect the Bed

Inspecting the bed is an important part of screening for bed bugs in a motel. Using a flashlight and something flat like a credit card can be helpful when inspecting. Bed bugs can be difficult to see because they prefer to hide in small crevices, which is why having a flashlight handy is essential.

Pull Back Bedding

You should also remove the linens and covers from the bed when searching for bed bugs in your motel room. Bed bugs prefer to hide in beds and other compact spaces. Look for bloodstains and live bed bugs as you pull back the covers. You could even lift the mattress to see if there are any bed bugs there as well.

Check Furniture 

In a motel room, there might be some furniture, such as couches or chairs. Using a flashlight to examine the lining and other areas of upholstered furniture can be valuable.  Because bed bugs like to hide in hidden nooks, you should also check underneath furniture, inside the backing, and in between cushions.

Bed Bug Signs In Motels 

When looking for bed bug signs, there are a few things you should always check for. Bloodstains, odors, and live bed bugs are just a few of the signs you may notice when checking a motel for bed bug activity.  Women pulling back the sheets and her bedding.


If you find bloodstains in your motel, specifically on the bed, it could be a sign of bed bugs. Bloodstains are typically reddish-brown patches. These stains can smear across the bedding or appear in smaller places. Although bloodstains can be caused by bed bugs feeding on humans, they can also be caused by the bed bug itself. 


Sensing an odor is another bed bug sign. If you detect a musty or sweet stench, bed bugs may be present. This is something you’d find in a bedroom. If bed bug eggs are disturbed, they may emit a distinct odor. A bed bug’s odor has been compared to raspberries, cilantro, and even nuts.


If you mysteriously wake up with small, red bumps in the middle of the night, you could be dealing with bed bugs. Finding bites on your body is a huge sign of bed bugs. There can also be small amounts of dried blood from the bug bites. Bite clusters of three or four on your legs, arms, or hands could be a further indicator of bed bugs.

Need Help With Motel Bed Bugs?

Was your motel infested with bedbugs? It is important that you notify management so they can contact an exterminator. Bed Bug Barbeque is your number one choice to assist you in getting rid of your bed bug problem. To get rid of bed bugs in your motel right now, call us at (216) 400-5415.

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