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Is One Bed Bug Heat Treatment Enough?

Getting rid of bed bugs is a wonderful feeling. After dealing with an infestation, having a nice, peaceful home again is a huge relief. You no longer have to wake up with bed bug bites making you itchy, or check your pillow for bugs at night before laying down to get some rest. However, you might wonder if the fix was too easy. Is it possible to get rid of bed bugs with no chemicals within 24 hours? Should you be scheduling a follow-up treatment? Read on for the answers to your questions about bed bug heat treatment and its effectiveness

How Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Work?

What is bed bug heat treatment, anyways? Basically, bed bugs can’t handle the heat. Temperatures between 130-145 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods of time are fatal to them. Temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit are also fatal to bed bugs, but they have to be in those temperatures for several days before they’ll die. With heat treatment, it takes hours, not days. To perform a bed bug heat treatment, a pest control company will bring large heaters and fans to your home and heat the entire house, office, or car to a temperature that’ll be fatal to the bugs. They will then maintain that temperature for several hours to kill the bugs. 

Is One Treatment Enough?

Some pest control methods do require more than one treatment to be effective. Luckily, heat treatment is not one of those methods. Fumigation or other chemical treatment methods can require more than one session because they may not kill all of the bugs at once. Bed bug eggs, in particular, may resist fumigation treatments. On the other hand, heat treatment kills bed bugs at all stages of their lives. Since heat, unlike chemicals, can permeate even the smallest spaces, it’s very unlikely that any bugs will survive a heat treatment by hiding away in cracks or other tiny spaces. So the short answer is yes- one heat treatment is enough! 

Is Heat Treatment the Best Choice For My Space?

How do you know if heat treatment is the best choice for you, your space, and your family? There are a few reasons that heat treatment is a great choice for all kinds of spaces. First, it won’t fill your home with chemicals, which can make it hard to breathe. This can be an issue for children, pets, the elderly, and those with respiratory illnesses or sensitivities to smell. Heat treatment can also be used for a variety of spaces – homes, businesses, mobile homes, and even cars. The treatment takes less than 24 hours and, as stated previously, only requires one treatment to be effective. Since it only requires one treatment, it may be less expensive than chemical treatment as well.

How Do I Prepare For a Heat Treatment?

Heat treatments are very safe, but you do need to do a bit of preparation before you get one. You’ll need to pull your furniture at least four inches away from the walls and unplug your electronics and appliances. The heat will be moved through your home with large fans, so be sure to secure any loose papers laying around. Fish tanks and plants should be removed from the treatment area. During the treatment, you will need to leave your home, so make a plan ahead of time regarding where you’ll be that day. 

Looking For a Safe, Effective Bed Bug Treatment?

Don’t let the bugs take away your peace of mind, contact Bed Bug BBQ in Lakewood, OH instead! We use heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs. After this safe, effective treatment is completed in less than 24 hours, your home is guaranteed bed bug-free for 60 days! Contact Bed Bug BBQ today for a FREE quote and inspection at (216) 221-1227 or through our website, and check out our other bed bug informational resources on identification, prevention, and eradication.

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