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How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

It’s 3:00 in the morning and you feel something crawling on your back.



A reaction that anybody would have. Now it could be a spider, a hair, completely mental, or the scariest and most dreadful discovery, a bed bug.

If you find that it may be a bed bug, many people do the following…

  1. Jump on social media (aka reddit) and tell the world
  2. Google everything there is to know about bed bugs
  3. Wash all of the things
  4. Try all the DIY bed bug removal techniques they find online
  5. Call a Professional

Perfectly normal, not overly crazy. As a professional bed bug exterminator, we are here to tell you, IT’S ALL GOING TO BE OK and what you can do to get rid of your bed bugs.


Step 1: Shake the Panic

It’s okay to have a minor freak out. Bed bugs are notorious for being major pests. They are tough to get rid off and overall really annoying. But it is important to keep in mind that it can be temporary if the right steps to exterminate your bed bugs are taken.


Step 2: Find Obvious Evidence

If you only felt something crawl or have a several unknown bites, you may want to look for more evidence. Such as:

  • Red Stains on Bed Sheets
  • Shells
  • Bites
  • Actual Live Bed Bugs (if you manage to see one, catch and freeze it for future reference)


Step 3: Call a Professional

We jumped a few steps from the ones that an average person would do. If you are finding actual evidence of bed bugs, you are going to want to start shopping around for professionals. They will also give you an inspection to tell you whether you have an infestation or not and their recommendations for bed bug removal.

There are many different methods for bed bug removal, so be sure to do your homework on which one is right for you. Many professionals will either use pesticides or a heat treatment. The safest and quickest way to remove your bed bugs is with a bed bug heat treatment.


Step 4: While You Wait On The Pest Control Professional

Once your inspection has been scheduled with a professional and you have done your homework on which direction you would like to go, you can start doing some at home bed bug removal. Simple things, such as vacuuming and removing floor clutter.


Pro Tip: Make sure you empty the vacuum container OUTSIDE after you are done or the bed bugs will just crawl out of it.


Moving furniture away from the walls, heat treating your clothes, and disposing of completely infested items are ways of controlling the infestation as well.

Overall, unless you are vigilant and are willing to put a ton of money into DIY products, getting rid of bed bugs is extremely difficult to do without a professional. Bed bugs even hide within the baseboards and the walls of your home….not even kidding.


If you are looking for a bed bug heat treatment in Cleveland, OH, call (216) 221-1227 or send us a contact form today!

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