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Bed Bug Heat Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

This past year many sources, such as Orkin and Terminix, have named Cleveland, Ohio as one of the top cities with bed bug infestations. Even named the #1 city with bed bugs by one of the sources. The constant and consistent calls to bed bug exterminators have set an alarm off in the city and many are seeking bed bug removal procedures.

The citizens of Cleveland have many choices of bed bug extermination processes. Everything from DIY retail pesticides to a bed bug heat treatment. Each of these procedures involve a key piece of equipment for eradication. Some use Diatomaceous Earth, Insect Growth Regulators, and chemicals such as Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids. All of which have their warning and consequences that many of its users have no knowledge about.  

On the other hand, there is a bed bug heat treatment which one involves specialized heat equipment and fans to kill all bed bugs. This method is non-chemical and leaves no risk to the property that is being treated or its member that reside in it. It is even safe for people with respiratory issues and pets!


What is a Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

Using specialized equipment, a bed bug exterminator will the raise the temperature of your home to kill all life stages of bed bugs occupying your home. When the temperature reaches between 130°F and 145°F, eggs, nymphs, and adult bed bugs will begin to die. By placing thermometers throughout a home, a professional can monitor the temperature to make sure the temperature doesn’t fluctuate. It is safe to say that all will die within 90 minutes, but many professionals will keep the temperature this high for several hours to ensure even the most hidden pests die. This means that even the bed bugs that are hiding within the walls of your home will be exterminated!


What Happens the Day of Extermination?

Depending on the company you plan to hire for the job, these steps could differ, but here at Bed Bug Barbeque, we always adhere by the following steps to ensure 100% bed bug removal.

Step 1: Our crew arrives at your property and place all necessary equipment outside and inside of your home. These pieces of equipment include specialized heating equipment, generators, and industrial air movers.

Step 2: Add high-velocity air movers to ensure that we distribute heat evenly and safely throughout the structure. Strategically placing these air movers ensures a safe operating temperature and it makes sure that the heat hits even the most hard to reach places (such as walls and baseboards).

Step 3: Our crew will also place wireless temperature monitors to ensure we reach the correct temperature to eradicate all bed bugs. The temperature will be wirelessly monitored and recorded to ensure it is maintained for the entire time period. At the same time, we will also move furniture, bedding, and clothing to make sure everything is heated.

Step 4: When the eradication time is completed and the property begins to cool, we return all furniture to its original spot. Please keep in mind that it may not be exactly how it was before, but we do try our best.

Step 5: Last and most important your home is now 100% bed bug free! There will be no living eggs, nymphs, or adult bed bugs. We have a 60 day guarantee that you will be bed bug free, but if you suspect there may be some that survived, please call us right away for a re-inspection!


Why a Bed Bug Heat Treatment over Pesticides?

It may be one of the more expensive options, but there is a reason it is! It is one day and one day only to get rid of all bed bugs. No waiting period, no second treatment. It also…

  • Eliminates all eggs, nymphs, and adults
  • Non-chemical
  • Only heating equipment & fans are used
  • Low risk of damage to property
  • No furniture removal (except in extreme cases)

What is so wrong with pesticides? It can…

  • Present harmful fumes or damage furniture
  • Force you to get rid of your furniture
  • Miss the bed bugs that you can’t see (ex: baseboards)
  • Overlook any of the known resting areas
  • Fail to treat nearby areas where bed bugs could have run off to to avoid the chemicals
  • Easily misused if label recommendations are not precisely followed
  • Require numerous follow up treatments
  • Take awhile for the pesticide to work

If you are considering a Bed Bug Heat Treatment for your home or have any further questions about bed bug extermination in the Cleveland, OH area, call Bed Bug BBQ: (216) 232-2762. Get #BedBugFree today!


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