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Will Switching to Light Colors Keep Bed Bugs Away?

A sensible person would not willingly bring bed bugs into their home. They cause health problems and can ruin your furniture and clothing. However, it may be possible to prepare and decorate your home with bed bug prevention in mind. So is it true that light colors keep bed bugs away? 

Can Bed Bugs See Color

The short answer is YES. They can observe and develop an attraction to specific color palettes . This is what has led to the belief that using light colors can be used in bed bug prevention. 

Light Vs. Dark Colors

Our homes are filled with colors, however some of these colors can attract bed bugs. So what makes certain colors more attractive to bed bugs? Bed bugs tend to migrate to darker areas of your home. They like to live in the dark cracks of your air mattresses or furniture. This means that whenever they see a dark color, they are attracted to it when compared to a light color.

What are a Bed Bug’s Favorite Color

Bed bugs are attracted to the dark. These crevices allow them to feel safe and concealed from outside threats. Thus, their favorite colors tend to be red and black. 

What are a Bed Bug’s Least Favorite Colors

A bed bug’s least favorite colors are white, green, and yellow. Scientists and observers believe it’s because these colors offer less concealment. Compared to darker colors; white, green, and yellow are seen to be less safe for the bed bugs. 

Should I Design My Home for Bed Bug Prevention?

Bed bugs are most active at night and they have poor vision making it very difficult for them to see colors. This makes it so that they typically cannot see the bright colors at night. You should probably not redesign your home, but you should be prepared just in case these pests sneak in. They are not as picky as humans and will live almost anywhere.

A group of jeans and shirts hanging outside a home on a beautiful day that has gone through proper bed bug prevention.Proactive Steps to Prevent Bed Bugs

Just because bed bugs will live anywhere does not mean you can’t attempt to prevent them. There are much more effective bed bug prevention methods than redesigning your home to not have any dark colors. Here are the best methods our experts believe to be the most impactful in bed bug prevention. 

Clean and Declutter

Bed bugs are professional hide-n-seekers. They like to camouflage and hide in every spot they possibly can. This means that if there is lots of clutter, they can hide and spread very quickly. To prevent a full invasion and infestation of your home, it is best to declutter and allow for less methods of ‘spreadability.’ 

Implement Pleasant Odors

Certain odors have a potential effect on bed bugs. This means that some studies have shown that home essential oil remedies can help ward off bed bugs but not fully rid them. This method is not proven, however it is worth giving a shot if you are worried about a bed bug invasion. 

Cleaning Clothes Immediately After Traveling

Traveling can drastically increase the chances of attracting bed bugs. These little critters will hitch a ride in your suitcase or in your clothes so that it can tag along to your home. Make sure that when you are traveling, to constantly check and clean your clothes and suitcases. 

Inspect Shared Facilities

Living in an apartment with shared facilities increases the risk of bed bugs. This is because of the increased traffic and activity within these areas. In the laundry room, some bed bugs may live through the intense process of laundry washing. So, make sure that when you are using a shared facility that you are looking out for bed bugs. They are ready to latch onto your clothing at a moment’s notice. 

Need Bed Bug Prevention Help?

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