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How Long Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Take?

Are you dealing with bed bugs and you need a treatment that is fast and effective? Bed bug heat treatment uses high temperatures to get rid of bed bugs in your home, office, or other buildings where there has been an infestation. 

Bed bugs are small and hide in places that can make it very difficult to find them. Even though the bites of these bugs will not cause health problems for most people, you should still take care of the infestation as soon as possible to avoid long-term health issues and structural damage inside your house. 

Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments are things like sprays and pesticides. These treatments are quicker than heat treatment at killing bugs, but they require direct contact with them. As we said before, bed bugs are great at hiding since they are so small, which makes it harder to get them all.

Hydrogen Peroxide

A chemical treatment you could implement is using hydrogen peroxide. This chemical will kill bugs if it gets in direct contact with them. However, this method can put you and your family at risk. Apart from being a bleaching liquid that could ruin your furniture, it is also toxic. A large amount of this chemical can irritate the eyes and cause damage to your lungs and respiratory system if inhaled. 

Off-The-Shelf Products

There are other products such as CimeXa and Ortho that use chemicals to kill the bugs. While these products seem to be effective when there is a small infestation, there are some cons that come with it. As well as with hydrogen peroxide, the product needs to be in direct contact with bugs. This means that if one bug is missed the infestation will grow again. Another disadvantage of these products is that bugs can create resistance to the chemicals and survive. 

When looking for a treatment to kill bed bugs it is important to consider how chemical treatments can put your health at risk. While some might not be dangerous for humans you should read the ingredient list because some contain essential oils that can be harmful or even deadly to pets.Person’s legs with red bumps that are bug bites

Non-Chemical Treatments

Apprehend is a pesticide that uses a fungus to kill bed bugs. While it is effective for a small number of bugs and it is free of chemicals, it takes a long time to affect the bugs. The fungus breaks down their carcass, which doesn’t happen right away, taking 3-5 days to kill the insects.

Bed bug heat treatment is also a chemical-free treatment that makes sure even the bugs hiding in the smallest cracks on the walls or the floor will die. The effectiveness of this treatment is higher than most of the other available options. 

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment uses heaters to warm the entire house or office to kill all the bugs. It has been proven that bed bugs can not survive temperatures that are too high. Raising the temperature to 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 90 minutes will affect the bugs and kill them. 

Since bed bugs are good at hiding, it is necessary to raise the temperature everywhere in the house. To do so, a propane heater is placed outside the house, and thermometers are set in rooms inside the house to make sure the house is reaching the desired temperature. 

Effectiveness of Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Compared to other forms of treating bed bug infestations, heat treatment offers a chemical-free and effective way to eliminate bugs. It also gets rid of eggs, nymphs, and mature bed bugs.

If you have asthma and other respiratory problems, this may be a safer alternative treatment. Heat treatment is also very safe for those who struggle with breathing problems since your house will be safe to move into immediately after the process is done.

The Process

First, all items that are sensitive to heat are removed from the area, and all the electric appliances are unplugged. A propane heater will be placed outside of your house or office. High-velocity air movers are placed around the house to make sure that all rooms reach the desired temperature. Bed bugs take at least 90 minutes to dehydrate and die under the heat. Once the temperature has reached around 130 degrees Fahrenheit in every room for the right amount of time, the cooling process starts and all your items are returned to their original location. 

Since a bed bug heat treatment is free of pesticides and chemicals, at the end of the treatment you can move back immediately to your bed bug-free house or office. This method will not put your health at risk and will keep your pets and children safe too. The treatment takes less than 12 hours and is one of the most effective methods to eliminate bed bugs.

Need a Bed Bug Treatment in The Cleveland Area?

Bed Bug BBQ is located in Lakewood, Ohio, and offers heat treatment if your house or office currently has a bed bug infestation. We get rid of all bed bugs, even the ones that are hiding in the smallest cracks! Contact Bed Bug BBQ today for a FREE quote through our website or call us anytime at (216) 400-5379. We will complete the treatment in less than 12 hours and we also offer a 60-day warranty for you to verify that all bugs have been completely eliminated. 

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