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Why Using Mosquito Repellents Won’t Fix Your Bed Bug Problem

Many people reach no end to get themselves a bit of relief from bed bugs, no matter the consequences. Bed bug removal can be expensive and many people look toward other products, such as mosquito repellants to avoid them. But when is it too much? When does using chemicals such as mosquito repellents and DEET products stop helping the problem and start making it worse?


Quick answer: When you start using it, its too much and it won’t fix your bed bug problem.


How are people using DEET to battle bed bugs?

One of the common ways that people are repelling bed bugs is to use mosquito repellent or DEET sprays, especially when they are going to sleep, which is the time that bed bugs fed on their host. Repelling, in context of pests, means the insect will sense it and avoid it. Which is why DEET is the most commonly found in mosquito spray. The length of which is repels is dependent upon the percentage of DEET in the product. The higher percentage, the longer the repellent will last.

These products will only do what it says it does, repel. Even then, many bed bugs, if hungry enough, will choose to ignore the repellent and feed anyways. Just as if you got bit by a mosquito while wearing your repellent. DEET will not kill or remove any type of insect, including bed bugs.


What if I am already using DEET to avoid bed bugs?

Many other pesticides have a level of repellent, which bed bugs and other insects can sense and avoid. But repelling is not the same as removing. Spraying yourself or a circle around your bed does not simply cut it with these pests. Bed bugs are notorious for being difficult to remove and only using a repellent just sends them to a new place to hide. Eventually, the DEET will wear off and they will feed. If they are able to feed, it will lead to more eggs, which then leads to a larger population of bed bugs.

When using DEET it is also essential to note that it is a synthetically derived product and following directions on the label is important.  Using a product against the instructions and label directions and having extended exposure to these products, such as sleeping every night in sheets sprayed with repellent, can have negative health effects.


When could you use it?

An efficient way to use DEET to repel bed bugs is to apply it to your shoes if you are entering an area for a short amount of time that is more susceptible. This will ensure you have a lower risk of bringing them home. If label permits, you may be able to apply it  to a bag to prevent bed bugs as well. It is important to note that the spray will only last for a couple of hours so this will not work if you are planning on staying for a longer period of time.


What is the secret to bed bug removal?

The only way to get rid of your bed bugs in one day in an all natural, non-chemical way is a bed bug heat treatment. It involves heating your home to 120°+ for several hours. This eliminates all adults bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs! It doesn’t matter where they are hiding, our specialized equipment is able to reach bed bugs that are even hiding in the walls.

If you are looking for bed bug removal and extermination, call Bed Bug BBQ today at (216) 232-2762. Don’t concern yourself with any other method of removal that may cause damage to your health or property.

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If you are using pesticides for bed bug extermination, read on why you should do otherwise: Think Twice Before Using Pesticides for Bed Bug Control.


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