A man finds bed bugs in a couch

How to Kill Bed Bugs In a Couch

The couch is one of the focal points of your living room. It’s where you relax at night, watch your favorite shows and movies, and possibly even where your pets hang out while you’re not home. It’s a key piece of your home, so naturally, it’d be a bit horrifying to find bed bugs in it. There are plenty of ways to prevent bed bugs from invading your couch, but it can be a bit trickier to get rid of them once they’re there. Luckily, Bed Bug Barbeque is here for you with some easy advice on how to get rid of bed bugs in your couch!

How Did Bed Bugs Get Into My Couch??

Unfortunately, bed bugs can end up in your couch in several different ways. First off, they can get onto your clothes and belongings when you’re out and about or even when you’re at a friend or family member’s house. If your friends or family have bed bugs, they may be unaware of the bugs until it’s too late. This means that if you go and visit those people and they’re not aware of their bed bugs, some of them might end up crawling into your clothes, belongings (such as a purse), or even your hair, as gross as that sounds. Bed bugs love to travel and they may hitchhike on your clothes and hop off when you get home and collapse onto the couch. Additionally, if you find a couch in a thrift store or on the curb, be cautious picking it up- it could contain bed bugs as well. 

Bed Bug Prevention When Moving

One of the more common ways for bed bugs to end up in couches and other furniture is when you’re moving. Moving blankets and moving trucks that have been used for other customers could be carrying bed bugs, especially if they haven’t been cleaned in between moves. If moving blankets are infested with bed bugs, the bugs can easily escape those blankets and infest the truck as well. The best way to make sure that you don’t bring bed bugs into your new home on your couch- or on anything else for that matter- is to make sure the moving truck and your furniture are free of bed bugs before ever entering your new place. Quick solution: bring your moving truck, with or without furniture, to Bed Bug Barbeque! We can heat-treat it before you start your move, ensuring that you start fresh and bed bug free in your new home.

How To Kill Bed Bugs in a Couch

If you do find bed bugs in your couch, there are a few things you can do to remove them. The first thing you’ll need to do is isolate the couch. You don’t want the bed bugs spreading to the rest of your home. If possible, move the couch to a garage or other isolated area so that the bed bugs don’t spread on the carpet, rug, or other furniture. Next, you can try vacuuming the bed bugs off of the couch. You’ll need to immediately change the vacuum bag after you do this. Make sure to throw it away in an outdoor trash can! If your couch has a removable cover, you’ll need to remove that, throw it in the washing machine, and then dry it at the highest setting. Bed bugs usually die at about 120 degrees Fahrenheit after 20 minutes, so the dryer is usually an effective way to eliminate them. 

Have the Bed Bugs Spread?

If your couch has been taken over by bed bugs or if they’ve spread to the rest of your home, contact Bed Bug Barbeque, LLC in Lakewood, Ohio! We use heat treatment to eradicate bed bugs and we offer entire home sanitation heat treatments. This safe, effective treatment is completed in less than 12 hours, and Bed Bug Barbeque, LLC offers a 60-day warranty for you to verify for yourself that your bed bugs are fully eradicated. Contact Bed Bug Barbeque, LLC today for a FREE quote at (216) 221-1227 or through our website, and check out our other bed bug informational resources on identification, prevention, and eradication.

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