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Can Bed Bugs Travel From House to House on Their Own?

You could be having a nice time at a family member’s house when you suddenly notice a bed bug in one of the crevices of the couch! Immediately, you would jump off the couch and tell your family member. Some questions going through your mind might be, have those bed bugs already traveled to my house, or will they? Also, what are some of the bed bug control options to protect my house? All of these questions are very understandable. 

How Bed Bugs Spread:

There are several ways for bed bugs to spread from place to place. Have you recently been on vacation or have been over at someone’s house? If the answer is yes, then there is a chance that you have picked up bed bugs along the way. When people travel, so do the bed bugs, even if it’s from house to house. 

Bed bugs are notorious for hiding in small places such as the seams of mattresses, between couch cushions, in the seams of luggage, and more. They like to hide so they are not detected, and therefore have the opportunity to come out of hiding later and attach to a host and get their blood. 

Signs You Have Bed Bugs:

Even though bed bugs are good at hiding, there are still some ways bed bugs enter your home. One of the more obvious signs that you have bed bugs is finding a reddish-brown stain on your mattress or bed sheets. These reddish-brown spots can be from your blood or their fecal matter. Another indicator that you have bed bugs is finding very tiny yellow eggs. Baby bed bugs are laid in yellow eggs before they hatch. Bug bites are another sign that means you could have bed bugs. These bug bites, not to be confused with mosquito bites, are small, red bumps that can be found on your body. 

Indications of a Bed Bug Infestation: 

Having one bed bug in your house is worrisome, let alone a bed bug infestation. Sometimes it can be difficult to spot bed bugs because of how small they are, so we have some actions you can take to determine if you have a bed bug infestation. The first step you should do is check your entire house for bed bugs. Remember, they like to hide in small places, which is why it is important to take the time to do a full house inspection. Cracks, crevices, and creases are the ideal spots for bed bugs to gather and hide, so make sure you thoroughly check those areas the most. 

Someone with gloves and a magnifying glass inspecting a couch

Bed Bug Control Options

You are in the middle of inspecting your home when boom, you see a handful of bed bugs! Immediately, different thoughts might pop into your head, with the most important one being, “How do I get rid of them?!” Getting rid of bed bugs and preventing them from spreading house to house can be difficult, but there are a couple of bed bug control options that you can try before you call the professionals. First, take all of your bedsheets, clothes, blankets, and couch cushions and put them in the washing machine at a very high temperature. Second, take a steam iron or a garment steamer and go over any areas where you see cracks or any other means from which a bed bug can escape. If you notice that these bed bug control options are not doing the trick, then it is best to call in professionals. 

Worried About Bed Bugs?

Are you worried that the bed bug control remedies aren’t working? Our experienced team at Bed Bug BBQ is here to take your fears and stress away and help get rid of those annoying bed bugs! At Bed Bug BBQ, our heat treatment eliminates bed bugs and ensures that your family and property are damage-free throughout the process! Are you ready to get started? Give us a call at 216-221-1227! 

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