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How to Find Bed Bugs

We at BedBug Barbeque, LLC know how to get rid of bed bugs. But first, they need to be found. And the earlier in the infestation process they are found, the better the timing to call us. Bed bugs are smart enough to hide, but dumb enough to not hide their evidence.

The first way to find bed bugs is to look for physical signs such as:

  1. Rusty or reddish stains on bed sheets.
  2. Dark spots bleeding on fabric like a marker would. These are fecal stains.  Because bed bugs generally feast on the blood of their hosts, creeping out of hiding places at night to latch on, some people think that fecal stains from the insects should at least be tinged with the color of blood. This is not, in fact, the case. Fecal spotting tends to resemble smears or stains, which are dark brown or even black. This is because the blood has been digested and excreted.
  3. Tiny, yellow eggs and egg shells.
  4. Live bed bugs.
  5. The most telltale sign of bedbugs is bug bites. Although, many people do not realize they have bed bugs because because bites are mistaken for mosquito bites, rashes or hives.

As we said above, bed bugs are great at hiding.  Here are their favorite hiding places that you should carefully examine:

  1. Seams of chairs and couches, between cushions, curtain folds.
  2. Drawer joints.
  3. Electrical receptacles and appliances.
  4. Under loose wallpaper and wall hangings.
  5. Wall and ceiling junction.

Once you know you have bed bugs, or if you want to discuss an inspection to determine if you have bed bugs, call BedBug Barbeque at 216-221-1227 (1BBQ). We guarantee in ONE treatment we can kill all your bed bugs as well as their eggs with our proven heat process.

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