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How to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home With You this Summer…

The spread of bed bugs is a real problem for many parts of the country, as well as the world.  Depending on where you travel, you could very easily bring home an infestation of bed bugs that require nothing short of an exterminator to rid your dreams of these little nightmares.

To avoid being victims of these little hitchhikers, follow these basic tips:

Place suitcases in bathroom upon arrival
As soon as you rest your luggage on the floor of an infested hotel, you’re already opening up your home to these little buggers.  Instead, put all luggage in the bathroom before you get the chance to inspect the beds and furniture.

Be thorough with inspections
Take off the sheets, get a bright light and case the mattress for bed bugs.  After that, look closely behind the headboard, the cracks and crevices of any furniture.  You’ll know it when you’ve found evidence of bed bugs because they leave little black crumbs of their feces behind.  The bed bugs themselves will be slightly smaller than an apple seed.

Other popular hiding spots include loose wall electrical outlets, picture frames, and under lamps and alarm clocks.  They generally don’t stray far from the bed itself so you can still be thorough while not taking longer than about ten minutes to feel safe.

Always store luggage on dressers
Even if the room checks out fine from your initial inspection there is always a chance that there are some nomad bed bugs roaming around the hotel.  The only sure way to avoid them is to keep your luggage stored in a high place.

For clothes that you’ve already worn, you can separate those from your clean ones by utilizing plastic bags or ziplocs.  This way you can still stay fresh while also staying safe from bed bugs.

An added benefit to doing this is that if you ever happened to get a bed bug that latched on your clothes for a free ride, you can deliver them straight to your washing machine for a high heat water wash and high heat dryer cycle sending them to a quick death.

Final Thought
If you suspect you have introduced bed bugs into your home do not take any chances.  Contact the expert bed bug exterminators at Bed Bug Barbeque: prevent a bad situation from developing into a real full-blown infestation.  They use a high heat bed bug extermination technique which offers a green and safe solution to the problem, and their method also offers the most-effective elimination of bed bugs.

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