A child scratches the bed bug bites on their leg.

How To Defend Yourself From Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs are some of the most common insects found in a house. They are small and crafty, and they can easily become a nuisance.

Given how common bed bugs are, it is vital to understand how to deal with bed bug bites and handle the insects themselves.

The Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are flat in shape, and they’re pretty tiny, no bigger than an apple seed. Most of them look brown. However, they take on a reddish look when they have eaten considerably.

Bed bugs mostly latch on to people when they’re trying to feed. Other times, they’re in hiding. Their usual hiding spots are blankets and the cracks in furniture.

The Bed Bug’s Bite

It can be pretty challenging telling the difference between bed bug bites and those of other insects. However, the first indicator will most likely be the location. If you find the bites only in your lower legs and ankles, you’re most likely dealing with a flea bite. Fleas are usually found in carpets, and they can’t jump very high.

On the other hand, bed bug bites can happen anywhere on the body. They usually occur in a pattern as a series of bites in a row. This is because most bed bugs get you while you’re sleeping and won’t feel the bite and move away from them. 

Bed bug bites usually come with a small reddish bruise or bloody spot in the middle, and they are generally larger than flea bites. However, their size can be influenced by your body’s reaction to the bite and the inflammation level around the center of the bite.

Note that you will most likely not feel the effects of bed bug bites immediately. These bugs deploy an anesthetic before they bite people. So, you might need a few days for these physical symptoms to show.

When you do notice the bites, they might be a tad itchy. Some people have also reported burning sensations, although this could be a reaction to the bite. Scratching the bite can cause bleeding or increase the chances of getting an infection.

There is also the fact that bed bugs most likely won’t feed every night. They could go for several days without eating. So, it might take you a while before realizing that these bites are due to an infestation.

Handling the Bed Bug Situation

Reacting to a Bed Bug Bite

When you notice a bite, the first thing you should do is keep the site clean. Wash it with soap and water daily to help the bite heal and prevent any infection.

Also, wash and change the sheets on your bed. This includes any quilts, blankets, or duvet covers. Run a vacuum across your furniture and mattresses as well.

Treating Bed Bug Bites

Most importantly, please note that bed bug bites aren’t lethal. They shouldn’t cause any health issues other than the possible skin reactions and in very rare cases, mild anemia. 

If you’re not happy with the bite’s appearance, get an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream or some other anti-itch cream from a local pharmacy. These will help to cut out any itching or further reactions and manage the bite rather well.

Note that you should also watch the bite area for infections. If you notice more swelling or redness or see discharge coming from the spot, you might want to see a doctor.

Eradicating Bed Bugs

Several means can help get rid of bed bugs. However, none come close to the efficiency of professional heat treatment.

Heat has shown incredible efficacy at killing bed bugs. Professionals can use heat to penetrate all of the cracks and crevices that bed bugs tend to hide in. Using industrial heaters and large fans, these professionals will be able to get to the bugs and kill them off.

You will need a professional because this process can be incredibly delicate. Using the wrong heat source can cause fires, and some items could also get damaged if they come in contact with heat. Professionals can lean into their experience and ensure that things are done right. They’ll be able to tell you what items you need to remove in order for heat treatment to be effective. 

Are You Suffering From Bed Bug Bites?

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