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Does Cimexa Kill Bed Bugs & Is It Safe?

In efforts to do away with a bed bug infestation, many people first rely on do-it-yourself pest control products before dealing with a bed bug exterminator. Now for most matters, this seems like a sound approach. Spend less money and if it does away with the issue, then you saved yourself a couple hundred dollars or more. It is known that the popular product, CimeXa, is one of the leading “DIY” type products that people use to battle a bed bug infestation and other annoying household pests.

But what happens when you spend a hundred dollars on CimExa and it doesn’t work? Even worse, what if it isn’t safe? Or you have to do the treatment multiple times?

Here are the ins and outs of the pest control product, CimeXa…

What is CimeXa?

Similar to Diatomaceous Earth, CimeXa is an engineered silica dust, but unlike DE it is amorphous (non-crystalized). CimeXa acts as a residual powder and, when in contact with a bed bug, will cling to its shell. It will absorb the waxy, protective cuticle on their shells. This will eventually cause the bed bug to dehydrate and die.

How is CimeXa applied?

Also like Diatomaceous earth, CimeXa can be applied as a dust. In order to spread a larger area, it can be mixed with water with no added effects and applied using a sprayer. It is odorless and causes no staining. Once it has been applied to an area, it can remain effective for up to 10 years, if left undisturbed.

It is important to note that this product has to be placed strategically and in all places that bed bugs COULD be hiding. If you miss a spot, they won’t come in contact with the dust, which will eventually lead to them laying more eggs, and not ending your infestation.

Does CimeXa kill all bed bugs?

Since CimeXa is a silica dust that is only activated when in contact with a bed bug, it is only harmful to adult bed bugs and nymphs. This means, it does not come in contact with the eggs until they turn into nymphs.  Therefore another hatch will happen if the adult bed bugs have laid eggs. Depending on the amount of CimeXa used and where it has been placed, it can either affect these new nymphs or completely miss them. Leaving you back where you started.

In order to avoid this from happening, many professionals would do a second treatment.

Is CimeXa safe?

Although, CimeXa contains 100% natural silica dust, you should not be breathing it in. In large quantities it could be harmful, therefore you should wear a respirator mask if you are applying this product. If you are debating on using this product, consider those in your household that have respiratory issues.

Also, children should be not be present until the dust has settled and should not be applied to toys, carpets, or any other objects that may end up in their mouths. Reconsider using this product if you have pets or small children in your household.

CimeXa & Heat Treatments

Bed bug heat treatments are an excellent way to eradicate bed bugs. It uses safe techniques and will kill all life-stages of bed bugs in just one day. It is often used in conjunction with CimeXa because there are many items in which pesticides cannot be applied, like bedding and clothing. Unlike other pesticides, CimeXa is not affected by heat treatments.

Although it is not needed, as heat treatments kill 100% of bed bugs, many people choose to use CimeXa after heat treatments to give themselves a peace of mind.

Word of Caution: Some bed bug exterminators will not heat treat a home if DE or CimeXa has been used. This is due to the industrial fans that are used to spread the heat amongst the home. The air will kick up the silica dust which in large quantities can be unsafe to inhale.

Don’t want to battle bed bugs for weeks or present pesticides into your home? Consider a bed bug heat treatment, a non-chemical bed bug extermination process that will kill all life-stages of bed bugs in just one day! If you are in Cleveland, OH and have bed bugs or think you do, give Bed Bug BBQ a call at (216) 221-1227 to schedule your FREE inspection today.

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