A bed bug, which will die with the use of a bed bug heater.

Bed Bug Heater Rentals

One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner or a business owner can make is to ignore the presence of pests in their indoor spaces. Admittedly some types of pests can be challenging to notice instantly. 

One such example is the bed bug. These tiny bugs are about the size of an apple seed and can be hard to spot, though they can be seen with the naked eye. More often than not, the telltale signs are bites and marks found all over the skin. 

Even with clear indications of an infestation, too many people tend to act on it too late, making it troublesome to eliminate the problem. They often end up using a bed bug heater to try to remedy the issue.

Traditionally, the most sought out option when it comes to bed bug removal is to hire an exterminator. Extensive fumigation and treatment are typically done to rid a space of these tiny little nuisances. In worst cases, mattresses, beddings, and pillows are thrown out and replaced with new ones after experts treat an infested space.

What Is A Bed Bug Heater?

At this point, you may be wondering about your options for a do-it-yourself approach. Vacuuming is usually the go-to method, but it’s easy to miss a few bugs and you may want to try using a bed bug heater when this fails.

Heaters come in a variety of sizes. Some are the size of duffle bags and resemble floor fans, while some industrial models are large no-frills heating boxes. The main concept of a heater is to create an oven-like environment to kill the bugs. 

Like many other creatures, bed bugs are susceptible to the effects of extreme heat on their organs. Therefore, turning up the heat where the bugs are has been proven to be a highly effective method.

Should You Rent A Heater?

Small heaters for bed bug remediation are relatively easy to come by. Numerous internet resellers carry portable options for users who only need to eliminate a small number of pests. Even though small heaters are reasonably affordable, it wouldn’t make much sense for you to purchase one when you intend to use it only a handful of times. The same goes for the industrial version of a bed bug heater.

Unless you are looking to set up your own pest control business, purchasing very large- not to mention pricey- equipment would be a ridiculous move. These days it is now possible to rent industrial equipment such as bed bug heaters.

So, should you rent a bed bug heater and do the remediation yourself? Let’s go through some pros and cons to help you decide on the best route to take.

Pros Of Renting A Heater

Renting a bed bug heater is cheaper, especially when you only need to use it once or a handful of times at the most. As opposed to an outright purchase, paying to use a heater only when you need it is a more cost-effective choice. 

You eliminate the additional fees you would otherwise shell out when paying someone to do the job for you by merely renting a heater of any size.

Heaters do not require any chemicals to eradicate bugs. It is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, easy to operate system for that DIY treatment. Enjoy the savings a rental can offer. Save money and save time when you choose to rent a heater. Waiting for an exterminator to schedule a visit is a thing of the past when the remediation is all in your hands.

Continue with your routine when treatment is needed only in a specific room. And if you are trying to avoid the whispers of nosy neighbors, renting eliminates the visual of exterminators coming and going from your property. 

More importantly, having an industrial heater ensures that bigger removal projects get done correctly without the worry of overworking the machine.

Cons Of Renting A Heater

As much as there are many perks to renting a bed bug heater and attempting the extermination on your own, there are, of course, a good number of disadvantages. One major drawback of foregoing a professional bed bug heat treatment service is the amount of work you will have to do yourself. You also miss out on the professional know-how that a licensed pest control expert can provide.

For instance, large scale infestations are best left to the pros. Why? Can you honestly say you are fully capable of running an industrial piece of machinery? Would you be able to troubleshoot it if it does not function correctly? Are you ready and willing to shoulder the cost of repairs should you end up ruining the machine due to improper usage?

Go With A Pro

YouTube video tutorials may be within reach, but at the end of the day, there are just certain things that are best left in the expert’s hands. Ultimately some numerous potential risks and liabilities outweigh renting just the machine. Whereas hiring a service allows you to rest easy, knowing that experienced individuals are working to ensure your space is pest free. 

With no stone or sofa left unturned, your friendly neighborhood pest eliminator can work that bed bug heater while you go about with your day.

Got Bed Bugs? We’ve Got You!

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