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Does Lysol Kill Bed Bugs?

As soon as you notice a bed bug in your home, you must act fast to get rid of them. Many homeowners use different, natural solutions or conventional cleaners to kill bed bugs, one among them being Lysol.

In this article, we’ll dig into whether Lysol can really kill bed bugs, how Lysol kills bugs, and whether Lysol can kill bed bugs’ eggs, so our readers can make an informed decision regarding the use of Lysol in their home.

What is Lysol?

Bed bug dead on white backgroundLysol is a popular brand of disinfectant spray that many homeowners have used to kill germs and bacteria. However, some people have tried to use it to get rid of bed bugs at home as well. But is it really effective?

Lysol is not  effective as for Lysol to kill a bed bug, homeowners must spray one individual bug, and spray it generously, at that.

Another disadvantage of this approach is that once bed bugs smell Lysol or similar products, they instinctively go into hiding.  Bottom line, Lysol is not an advisable approach for removing bed bugs.

The Risks of Concentrated Lysol

 Lysol should be used in low qualities only in any part of your home. Excessive use of this product is bad for everybody at your home, including children and pets. It is harmful for anyone to inhale or ingest Lysol, which is possible when this disinfectant is used in high concentrations.

The Effects of Lysol on Bed Bug Eggs

There is no effect of Lysol ,  killing bed bug eggs ; Lysol cannot penetrate the surface of a bed bug’s egg shell casing, making it impossible for this product to kill the eggs.

What Are the Best DIY Methods?

Spraying over mattressThere are other remedies that are safer and more effective that homeowners can easily do to get rid of bed bugs. Some of these methods include:

Using a Steamer

Heat is an effective way to kill bed bugs,  and the use of a steamer on your mattresses and other bug-infested areas of your home will kill bed bugs. Not only is this quick and convenient, but it’s also much safer than using Lysol,  This is not a good method of killing bed bugs, however, as you must apply the steam directly to a bed bug to kill it.  Bed bugs hide and are not usually in areas where the steamer can reach, not to mention this is a tedious method.

Using a Desiccant

Homeowners can use desiccants, like silica aerogel and diatomaceous earth, to destroy the protective coating of bed bugs. This coating is crucial for these bugs to survive, so these substances are an effective method for killing the currently active bed bugs that walk across the poison while it’s active. t, However, the poison doesn’t stay active for long and must be reapplied to regularly for results.

Washing Bedding in Hot Water

As we have mentioned above, heat is an effective way to kill bed bugs. Gather all affected bedding and wash it in very hot water for about 30 minutes to remove the fecal matter and residue of bed bugs. Once done, put all of the bedding in the dryer and set the temperature to the highest possible setting. Allow this to run for  45 minutes.

Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs

When you lie down at night, the last thing you want to worry about is bed bugs. Unfortunately, they multiply quickly, so make sure that you can kill them fast to prevent them from laying more eggs.

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