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Can Bed Bugs Survive Extermination?

After a bed bug treatment, knowing that the bugs are gone is a huge relief. You’ve got peace of mind once again. You’re waking up without annoying, itchy, mildly painful bites left on your body overnight, and all seems right with the world. But when you lay down to go to sleep, there might be a nagging thought in the back of your head: what if they’re not all gone? Can bed bugs survive extermination treatments? Are there any treatments that are 100% effective?

What Are the Options For Extermination?

The first step to eliminating all the bed bugs in your home is simply figuring out which method of extermination to use. The first method is chemical treatment. There are do-it-yourself chemical treatments, such as bed bug foggers or sprays, and there are professionally-done chemical treatments as well. The types of chemicals that are used will depend on the goal of the treatment. Some chemical treatments, such as dichlorvos and malathion, are intended to kill the bugs they come into contact with. Other chemicals will not kill the bugs in your home, but rather sterilize them so that they cannot reproduce. The second option is heat treatment, which should be done by a professional. Heat treatment involves heating a home, business, or vehicle to over 120 degrees, which is a fatal temperature for bed bugs. 

Can Bed Bugs Survive Chemical Treatment?

When you think of a pesticide, you might think of something you can spray on a bug in order to kill it instantly. However, chemical treatments don’t always work right away. Some types of chemical treatments for bed bugs act as a poison in the bugs’ stomachs, meaning that the bugs can take a while to die. There will also likely be eggs left behind after a chemical treatment, as well as bugs that were missed (this is even more likely if you’ve used a do-it-yourself spray or fogger). If any bed bugs crawled into a tiny crack in the wall or floor, they could hide in there and escape the chemicals, coming out at a later time. Additionally, if a chemical treatment is used to sterilize bed bugs rather than kill them, those bugs will still be running around your home until they die- they just will not lay any eggs. 

Can Bed Bugs Survive Heat Treatment?

bed bug heat treatment temperature above 140 degrees will eradicate bed bugs

Heat treatment, on the other hand, is less likely to leave any survivors. Unlike certain types of chemical treatments, heat is not intended to sterilize or poison the bugs. Any temperature over 130-145 degrees will kill bed bugs within 24 hours. Whereas it’s easy to miss a few bugs here and there with pesticide sprays, heat will permeate the smallest cracks in walls and floors, effectively killing any bugs that might be hiding there. The likelihood of any bugs surviving a 24-hour heat treatment is very low.

How Can I Prevent Bed Bugs From Surviving Extermination?

There are plenty of steps you can take in order to reduce the likelihood of bed bugs surviving extermination. First, if you can, seal up any cracks in your walls before a bed bug treatment. This will give the bugs one less place to hide, and make the job a bit easier. If you plan on using chemical treatment, do your research before purchasing a pesticide. Bed bugs have developed a tolerance to certain pesticides, so it’s important to know which ones they can resist and avoid buying those, or hire a professional who’ll have a more complete understanding of the chemicals that will be most effective. You’ll also need to make sure you check your home thoroughly. It’s important to understand that a fully grown bed bug is roughly the size of an apple seed, and they can fit into spaces that are as thin as a credit card. Use a flashlight and look for live bugs, dark brown or rust-colored stains, and shed skins. If you smell a musty odor in any particular area of your home, be sure to check this area extra carefully, as this is another sign of bed bugs.

Got a Bed Bug Infestation?

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