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Bed Bug Bites Don’t Affect Everyone

Everyone reacts differently to bed bug bites. This is why there are a variety of reasons why bed bug bites may show up on one person and not others. For example, many people don’t even have an immediate reaction, while others will swell right away. So, why exactly do some people say bed bugs seemingly bite one person over the other? 

Characteristics of Bed Bug Bites

In order to understand if what you are experiencing is in fact a bite from a bed bug, it is important to understand the typical characteristics. Since bed bugs usually attack their victims during the night, it will most likely happen when you are sleeping in your bed. Which means the parts of your body that are usually exposed during the nighttime are the most vulnerable to their bites. Most cases of bed bug bites show up in a small area clustered together. The cluster of bites may also form a line pattern on your skin. The bites usually cause a burning and itching sensation and appear to have a reddish presence to them. There can also be signs of small blood stains on your bed sheets that alerts you with the presence of bed bugs.  

Do Bed Bug Bites Typically Swell?

Bed bug bites swell because of the histamine response, just like any other regular bug bite. Histamine is your body’s immune response to something it thinks is toxic to you. However, every person’s body is different. For example, some people are allergic to wheat, while others have no reaction. This is exactly the same with bed bug bites, some people’s bodies simply don’t react to bed bug bites, while others may be more sensitive or allergic to them. Even if a bed bug is actively biting someone, they could just not swell up. This can be a common reason why you are “not” being bitten, while your partner is. This does not mean the bed bugs are biting you any less than the other person, just that you simply have a different response. 

Is There a Blood Type Preference?

You would be surprised, but yes bed bugs do tend to have blood type preferences. This stems back to when they were first hatched. If the bed bugs grew up feeding on people with A positive blood, they tend to have a future preference to people with A positive blood type. However, there isn’t one blood type that bed bugs prefer. At the end of the day, they will feed on a person with any blood type as long as they are being consistently fed. 

Is it Even a Bed Bug Bite?

In some cases, the bites that only one person in your family is experiencing may seem like bed bug bites, when in fact they are something else. There are a few common misconceptions of other insect bites being misinterpreted for bed bug bites. Some examples are flea bites, spiders, and mosquitoes. However, these insect bites have different characteristics that are not exact matches to bed bug bites. That is why it is crucial if you are experiencing what you think are bed bug bites, to always keep an eye out for blood on your bed. This is an easy indicator that it is most likely bed bugs. Also, it is important to do the research, like reading our past blog post discussing, “What Is and Isn’t a Bed Bug Bite?” or reach out to a professional for more insight. 

Professional Opinion

If you cannot make up your mind about your insect/bed bug bite then you may benefit from a professional opinion. Always remember, if believe you that you might have a bed bug infestation in your home it is important to get it taken care of right away.Bed Bug BBQ in Lakewood, Ohio even offers free local bed bug home inspections! Bed Bug BBQ is always ready to tackle any bed bug challenges that come their way with their non-chemical heat treatment. If you need an expert’s opinion feel free to contact them and give them a call at (216) 221-1227.

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