A large industrial heater for killing bed bugs.

The Natural Bed Bug Killer

Almost nobody likes the smell of chemicals. They smell harsh and gross, and what’s more, the smell can linger in your home for days. Breathing in chemicals or chemical smells can sometimes even cause health problems, such as breathing issues or headaches. Understandably, when people need to kill bugs, they tend to look for a natural alternative to unpleasant sprays, powders, and other chemicals. Some sprays claim to be more natural because they contain essential oils, however, this may be a concern for those with pets since some essential oils are toxic to animals. So what’s left? Is there any truly natural bed bug killer? The answer is yes, and it’s a simpler solution than you might think: heat. 

Heat Kills Bed Bugs

Though they can survive extreme cold for up to 3 days, bed bugs cannot survive for more than a few hours in excessively high temperatures. If they are exposed to a temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit for about 90 minutes, they can no longer take the heat and they die. Increase that temperature to 118 degrees, and they die within 20 minutes, though their eggs still require 90 minutes to die. The bottom line is that if you heat up a space to over 120 degrees, the bed bugs in that space have no chance of survival beyond a few hours.

How Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Work?

Bed bug heat treatments are exactly what they sound like- they utilize the power of heat to kill bed bugs. In order for every bed bug to die, the whole home has to be heated up to the proper temperature. That’s where companies like Bed Bug Barbeque come in! When you book a heat treatment, we’ll come out to your home with very large heaters and fans to move the heat through the space. We will also bring thermometers to make sure that the temperature stays high enough to kill the bed bugs for the entire duration of the treatment. We use the high-powered heaters to heat the entire home to a sufficient temperature, usually 130-150 degrees depending on the severity of the infestation. Bed bugs will die at 120 degrees, but the higher the temperature, the better, especially since bed bug eggs require a slightly higher temperature to die. As the treatment continues, we will move your furniture and belongings around to make sure that the heat hits everything and doesn’t leave a single bug. 

How Long Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Take?

Heat treatment, the natural bed bug killer, is guaranteed to eliminate all bed bugs in 24 hours or less! Bed Bug Barbeque guarantees our treatments for 60 days. If you find a single bug within 60 days, you can call Bed Bug Barbeque and we will come right back out and re-treat the space to get rid of them. 

Is Bed Bug Heat Treatment Safe?

One of the best parts of using heat as a natural bed bug killer is that it’s completely safe for everyone who lives in your home. Since the treatment involves absolutely no chemicals or emissions, heat treatment is also perfectly safe for pets, people with asthma, children, and the elderly. 

Ready to Try The Natural Bed Bug Killer?

If you think you have bed bugs or are interested in a home heat sanitation treatment, contact Bed Bug Barbeque, LLC in Lakewood, Ohio! We use heat treatment to eradicate bed bugs and we offer entire home sanitation heat treatments. This safe, effective treatment is completed in less than 12 hours, and Bed Bug Barbeque, LLC offers a 60-day warranty for you to verify for yourself that your bed bugs are fully eradicated. Contact Bed Bug Barbeque, LLC today for a FREE quote at (216) 221-1227 or through our website, and check out our other bed bug informational resources on identification, prevention, and eradication.

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