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Is Hydrogen Peroxide Effective at Eliminating Bed Bugs?

Hydrogen Peroxide is a household item for most people, and when you find bed bugs, there’s a good chance that you are willing to try just about anything to eliminate them. When rummaging through your cabinets, hydrogen peroxide is probably with the rubbing alcohol, Neosporin and other medical necessities that can help clean cuts and scrapes, but can any of those things actually help eliminate bed bugs for good?

Will Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Bed Bugs?

The short answer that you’re probably looking for is yes, but there are a few conditions when it comes to eliminating bed bugs with hydrogen peroxide. If you apply hydrogen peroxide directly onto bed bugs, it can kill them, and essentially eliminate them. However, there are a few important things to note about using this method. Not only is hydrogen peroxide a bleaching agent, but it can be toxic if you ingest it or breathe too much of it in, as well as be very time consuming and tedious. So in a sense, hydrogen peroxide CAN kill bed bugs, but the issues it can cause are much larger than just a little bleach on your sheets.

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So Hydrogen Peroxide Can Kill Bed Bugs… Should I Try It?

While hydrogen peroxide can kill bed bugs, it can be more dangerous to your health than the actual bed bugs can be. Bed Bugs are just annoying insects, while the damage hydrogen peroxide can cause to your body can land you in an Emergency Room. Most household strength hydrogen peroxide (3%) can damage your lungs and cause respiratory irritation if it is inhaled, can cause chemical burns, and can cause irritation to your eyes when exposed to a large amount. So yes, hydrogen peroxide can effectively kill bed bugs, but then you run the risk of bleaching your carpets, sheets, mattresses, and everything in between. 

What Do I Do About Bed Bugs?

As mentioned before, bed bugs are only a minor irritant (unless you have allergies to them), and not a real danger to your health or home. If you choose to use hydrogen peroxide, you can put yourself, your family, and your pets at risk. There are other home remedies for eliminating bed bugs, but your best bet is to call in experts, who have been trained to kill and eliminate bed bugs from homes in the safest manner possible. 

What Treatment Options Do I Have?

At Bed Bug BBQ, we have a staff that has been trained in the many ways to eliminate bed bugs from homes, and we have found that heat treatment is both safe and effective. Heat Treatment is done by pumping hot air into your home, and keeping the temperature between 130°F and 145°F, which will kill all eggs, nymphs, and adult bed bugs. To ensure that your home is bed bug free, we will keep the temperature at a high enough level to kill not only the bed bugs you know of, but also to rid your home of any bed bugs or critters that could be living in the walls. 

Who Do I Call?

The trusted experts at Bed Bug BBQ have been trained to eliminate bed bugs from any surface, in a way that causes no damage to your home, family, or health. The crew that will eliminate the bed bugs from your home will be following COVID-19 protocols, to ensure the safety of your and your family. Contact Bed Bug BBQ today for a FREE quote at (216) 400-5386 or through our website, and check out our other bed bug informational resources on identification, prevention, and elimination of bed bugs.

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