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How to Quickly Kill Bed Bugs in an Apartment Building

Bed bugs are not only annoying to have around, but it is also challenging to kill bed bugs due to their quick reproduction and ability to hide well. Another thing that makes them a formidable opponent for someone who is not an expert at dealing with bed bugs is their egg stage, which is hard to exterminate with anything other than heat treatments. The unfortunate truth about bed bugs is that you can only temporarily help yourself; no store bought DIY bed bug treatment can completely solve the problem. However, before we get you into bed bug eradication and extermination, we shall first go over the basics of pest control instead.

What are the Most Important Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation?

When you are dealing with bed bugs, there are a few things that you will have to look out for first before doing any advanced pest control:

1. Identify the Bed BugsClose up digital high definition rendering of a bed bug on a black background

The essential thing to do before you can kill bed bugs is to identify them first. Because of their small size, they are easily mistaken for other indoor pests, such as pharaoh ants, which can also cause bites. Bed bugs are small, flat, oval insects with a reddish-brown color.

2. Look for Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bug bites are one sign to look for first. Identifying a bed bug bite can be tricky, but if you notice red itchy welts on your skin, black spots on bed linens and pillows, bed bug droppings, eggs, or live bed bugs, you are likely  dealing with an infestation.

3. Perform a Bed Bug Inspection

While the name bed bugs suggest that these bugs live in the bed, that is not their only hiding place. Bed bugs hide, so check your mattress, box spring, headboard, electrical outlet, behind pictures, loose wallpaper, upholstered furniture, and any cracks made of fabric, wood, and paper.

What Is the Best DIY Bed Bug Treatment?

If you plan to take care of the bed bug infestation yourself, you have a couple of options. Of course, this will all depend on where the bed bugs are, as killing bed bugs in the mattress or box spring can be tricky.

1. Perform a DIY Heat Treatment to Kill Bed Bugs

The best way to kill bed bugs is by using a heat treatment, which is their kryptonite. It is unlikely to have them only in your box spring or mattress. If so, you could simply discard that furniture, and your problem could be solved. Unfortunately this is rarely the case. 

2. Protect Your Bed

You can protect your bed by investing in a bed bug-proof mattress. This is an excellent idea if you regularly deal with bed bugs. You can also consider getting a box spring encasement as well. 

3. Use Natural Pesticides

Since some natural pesticides are not toxic to humans, pets, or children, you might be able to use some of those products on the market for temporary relief. Diatomaceous earth, a pesticide also called silica dust, is a natural rock that is turned into dust. This dust may not look dangerous, but is really tiny shards of glass like rock.  It is deadly for bed bugs exposed to the poison as once the bed bugs walk across the poison the sharp edges of the silica dust  destroy their exoskeletons. Unfortunately it can be harmful to adults, children and pets as well.Young boy in white shirt and tan pants jumping and playing on a clean white bed

Call a Professional to Kill Bed Bugs for You

We already mentioned how persistent bed bugs are and how difficult it is to kill them, even with a DIY bed bug treatment. Hiring a professional is often your best bet, which is where Bed Bug Barbeque comes in! We use a professional heat treatment to terminate bed bugs the first time. Our strategic heat specialists know where to send the heat for best results.  We also have DIY rental heat equipment that is affordable for smaller infestations. We are the pest control experts who will help you end bed bug infestations and end their terror in 24 hours. Contact us today to learn more!

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