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Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Treatments

A bed bug infestation can be unhealthy and unsanitary to be around. However, you don’t want to use any bed bug treatments that might be harmful to your family, pets, or the environment. Choosing the right treatment solution for your bed bug infestation will save you time and money in the long-run. It’s already a hassle to deal with the bed bug infestation itself, let alone having to use a messy chemical that you will need to clean up after as well. We have a list of bed bug treatments that are not only effective, but eco-friendly as well. 

Bed Bug Risks

Bed bugs feed off of the blood of humans and animals leaving sores where they were feeding. These sores can be very uncomfortable and may even get infected if not treated properly. Bed bug infestations can very easily and quickly spread to other areas of your home, or even to another home as well. 

Bed bugs can live up to an entire year without feeding, so you may even have dormant bed bugs in your area already. They have trouble climbing slick surfaces and so they cling to fabric the most, but have no trouble climbing wood or any other textured surface. Just because you eliminate all the bed bugs you can see, doesn’t mean they are all gone. Bed bugs will recede and hide in the smallest of spaces, so it’s best to choose bed bug treatments that can eradicate an entire infestation. Don’t hesitate to call professionals if you need help. 

Bed Bug Treatments

Most bed bug removal companies will use chemical treatments to address a bed bug infestation. However, new solutions have been discovered over the years that are effective but also safe and eco-friendly as well. 

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As you begin inspecting your home for a bed bug infestation, you can use a vacuum to suck up any bugs you might find. It’s important to perform a thorough inspection if you think you may have a bed bug infestation to find the major areas where infestations are concentrated. Once you know where the infestation is hiding, this will allow you to know where to focus your bed bug treatments. It may be difficult to eliminate an entire infestation with just your vacuum, but can definitely help cut down the population of bed bugs before beginning more intensive treatments. 


If you find bed bugs on certain fabrics or garments, make sure to isolate them in sealed bags until you can properly wash and clean them. Washing and drying any infected fabrics at a high temperature will eradicate the bed bugs on them. Again, this treatment will only be effective for the infected fabrics and clothes. If the infestation has spread elsewhere that cannot fit into a clothes washer, you will need to search for alternative methods. 

Heat Treatment

Using heat to eliminate bed bugs is one of the most effective bed bug treatments. Using industrial heaters to raise the temperature of a room or space creates a hot environment that bed bugs cannot survive. This method is considered to be the most effective because it requires little setup and can reach all different parts of the house without removing furniture. Heat will eradicate bed bugs, nymphs, and their eggs without any additional treatment. Since this only raises the temperature and uses no chemicals or sprays, this is one of the most eco-friendly bed bug treatments. 

Heat Treatments at Bed Bug BBQ

Bed Bug BBQ, based out of Cleveland, OH, provides effective heat bed bug treatments that are guaranteed to get rid of your infestation. Visit our website or call (216) 221-1227 today!

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