Small space heater being used to kill bugs instead of bed bug heaters

Can a Space Heater Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Heat is widely considered to be one of the most effective bed bug treatments available since bed bugs cannot survive high temperatures. Heat treatment offers several advantages, such as being a chemical-free option and the ability to kill bed bugs at all stages of development in just one treatment. Since it is much easier to deploy than chemical treatments, bed bug heaters are a very popular treatment option. But can just any space heater do the trick?

Does Heat Kill Bed Bugs?

Large space heater in a nursery being used to ward off bed bugs instead of bed bug heatersBed bug heaters are used to heat up the area and raise the temperature, which will be enough to eliminate bed bugs in walls and furniture. This is a quick and efficient method for bed bug extermination. Since bed bugs are notoriously difficult to kill and conventional bed bug treatments can often be expensive or unsuccessful, heat is an ideal bed bug destroyer as bed bugs cannot survive temperatures above 113°F for an extended period of time and higher heat temperatures exterminate the colony even quicker.

To increase the temperature in your home, specialized bed bug heaters are available which can rapidly raise the temperature up to lethal temperatures for bed bugs and penetrate deeply into furniture to eliminate bed bugs hidden deep within fabrics and cushioning. When heated correctly, bed bugs and their eggs will become inactive within a few minutes and die shortly after as temperatures over 125°F dries them out, effectively killing them without the need for chemicals.

How Hot Can a Space Heater Get?

Space heaters can generate a wide range of temperatures, but they typically max out at around 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s important to remember that the highest temperature generated will vary depending on the make and model of your heater; some space heaters are designed to produce only a modest amount of warmth, while others may have the power to produce much higher levels of heat. What’s more, most types need to be kept at a safe distance away from any combustible materials, such as clothing and furniture. To ensure optimal safety and performance, it is thus important to read your user manual before purchasing any space heater and use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Could Space Heaters Kill Bed Bugs?

Small space heater in a large living room, in front of a couch with a blanket on itIn short, a space heater could potentially kill a few individual bed bugs, but will not be as effective as specified bed bug heaters that can very rapidly raise the temperature to a high degree without draining too much power from your outlet. If you were to try and use a space heater to exterminate any bed bugs, it would take a very long time and you would need to be  constantly moving the heater to ensure it gets the entire affected area. With a DIY bed bug heat application you are supplied with high end air movers to help the area reach lethal temperatures.

Why Bed Bug Heaters Work so Well

A bed bug heater will be much more effective than a small space heater in killing bed bugs since they can reach higher temperatures more quickly. These heaters are designed so that the heat can penetrate fabrics and furniture without risking damage to anything in your home. Heating is a much more efficient way to exterminate bed bugs because of how easy it is to set up and how little of a mess it leaves behind. Since heat is not picky, it will kill bed bugs no matter what stage of their life cycle they are in. With heat, everything from eggs to mature adult bugs will succumb to the exhaustion of high temperatures. 

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